Northwell Health 2018 Fellowship

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am starting a thread for the northwell health 2018 fellowship! I just wanted to know if anyone applied yet. Figured that we could keep each other updated here!
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  3. by   smargadine
    I also applied. Did you receive any updates about your application?
  4. by   infinity_rn_
    i applied! haven't heard anything yet
  5. by   smargadine
    Do you have med surg experience? I'm not keeping my hopes up because I only have psych experience
  6. by   glencovediva
    I have applied, but I did not get an answer.
  7. by   smargadine
    When did you apply?
  8. by   aaj004
    Hi guys,

    I just figured I'd reply to all of you at once! I applied on the 8th and no I haven't heard anything back. What does everyone's application status say?
  9. by   Nursedannny
    Hi everyone! I applied to the critical care fellowship starting in August 2018. I'll have 1 year of med/surg experience in June. For now my application status just says "application received". I've been applying to their fellowship for years, even when I was a new grad and never got a call back so I'm hoping for the best this time. Good luck to you all! Which fellowship did everyone apply for and for which month? Any updates? What kind of experience do you all have??
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  10. by   aaj004
    Hi nursedanny,

    I applied to the ED fellowship for August. I think they actually took the post down today because I can't see the link anymore so hopefully they start making phone calls! I am a soon to be new grad with 1 year ER experience. My application status changed to final candidate activity in progress. I'm not sure what that means but I haven't heard anything yet! Keep us updated on your application!
  11. by   UKRNBSN
    I also saw the status change but that was before they even took the post down. So I'm not too sure what that's about.
  12. by   aaj004
    Your status changed to final candidate activity in progress also?
  13. by   Nursedannny
    I haven't seen a status change on my application yet 😣
  14. by   aaj004

    What fellowship did you apply for?