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  1. glencovediva

    NCLEX-RN Stopped at 80!! Is this good or bad?!!!

    I went to 80 back in 2005, and I passed. Good luck
  2. glencovediva

    Back on med/surg after 15 years

    Good Luck!! I have been applying for an RN position after a 9 year absence. I'm also in my 50's. Not having any luck, but your story is an inspiration for me. Keep us posted.
  3. glencovediva

    What You Need To Know About Older Nurses: Myths and Realities

    I am a 57 years old. I had to leave my job that I loved 9yrs ago b/c I was diagnosed with stage 2 ovarian cancer. I also had a mitral valve replacement and a stroke. I was in a nursing facillty for a year, learning to walk again. Today, I'm feeling GREAT!! I'm healthy, I walk a lot, exercise. I would love to go back to work, but nobody seems interested. They only look a my absensce.I just renewed my license and ACLS & BCLS, so I'm up-to -date. I really feel discriminated against b/c of my previous disablilty and age. Any ideas? Thank you.
  4. glencovediva

    Racial Discrimination In The Nursing Profession

    Another form of discrimination we don't talk enough about is age discrimination. This effects people of all races and ethnic backgrounds. I'm going through this right now. I would like to return to nursing after being on FEMLA, but all I get is rejection. I'm 57, with a BSN. They only look at my 9 year absense.
  5. glencovediva

    Where were you...9/11

    I was working at Manhattan, Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital, which was located on 64th street between 3rd & Lexington Ave in Manhattan. I was a lab supervisor then and attending Nursing school. My co-worker was listening to a radio station that used to do "phone scam" jokes. He then jumped up a said that a plane flew into the WTC. I didn't believe it at first because I thought it was a joke. But then everybody was saying a plane hit the WTC. We went to the lobby and, sure enough the top floors were on fire.Then. in real time, we saw to second plane hit. We then went into disaster code. The lobby was emptied out because we were going to be a staging area. We were a small specialty hospital. We later learned the president of the board of trustees of the hospital, who worked for Morgan Stanley, was killed.On a more personal note, my nephew lost to brothers-in-law.So sad.
  6. glencovediva


    I also feel I'm being discriminated b/c I 57 yrs old. I had to leave for a few yrs due to ovarian cancer & heart surgery. I'm feeling great now, and I would like to go back to work. But I keep getting turned down. I NEVER had this problem before. But my age and past disability are making me "undesirable" to potential employers.
  7. glencovediva

    How to address 10 year absence and other ?

    I have also been out of Nursing for 10 years due to medical disability that has since resolved.I feel great and looking forward to get back into nursing, but I'm having no luck. The only thing the recruiters see is my absence. My age does not help, because I'm not a 22 yr old new graduate.I'm trying to remain positive, that's all I can do.
  8. glencovediva

    School Shootings

    I think metal detectors should be installed in all schools.
  9. glencovediva

    NY Presbyterian Queens open house 3/23/2018

    Family leave
  10. Did anybody attend the NY Presbyterian Queens open house on 3/23/2018? I did. They took one look at my resume and saw that I haven't worked in 9yrs due to family leave and they were not interested. I'm an RN-BSN with experience in Med-Surg & Cardiology. The interview lasted 10 minutes.
  11. glencovediva

    Northwell Health 2018 Fellowship

    I have applied, but I did not get an answer.
  12. glencovediva

    What are Your Goals for 2018??

    My goal for 2018 is to secure of RN job after a family leave of 8 years. I've been studying on my own and feel confident, yet I know employers are looking for 22 yr old new graduates. (I'm 22 +). Nurse refresher course is out of the question b/c the cost is $2200.Any tips/advice would be appreciated. Happy New Year!!
  13. glencovediva

    Dosages calculations

    Is it true that hospitals require a passing grade of 100% on a pre-employment dosage calculations test? Thank you
  14. glencovediva

    pre-employment dosage calculations

    I am a NYC RN who has been out of nursing for 8 yrs due to family. Is it true that NYC hospitals require you to get a 100% on pre-employment dosage calculation's test? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  15. glencovediva

    Experienced RN's cannot get new jobs!

    I am facing the worst kind of discrimination because I am returning after an 8 year family leave. A Nurse refresher course is a $2100, so that's not possible. Hospitals say they will call me, but never do. I'm trying to keep positive that something will come up.