Non NLNAC Accredited schools- how has this affected you?

  1. I just found out (with a shock) that the school I applied to is not NLNAC accredited and am pretty upset to say the least!

    My plan was to get my Associates RN here then transfer to get Bachelors and beyond but now I am thinking I should just go now to the school that offers the bachelors. I am very concerened to say the least!

    Has anyone found that this has caused problems with transferring to a higher degree or in the job market?

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  3. by   MarcusKspn
    I am not sure how this affects people. The school I am going to is a private school with a 2 year ADN program. The program is pretty new and has just recently got fullo approval by the Board of Nursing. They are applying to the NLNAC to get accreditation. This was a big concern when I decided to apply.

    The good thing in my case is that the school has agreements with two private 4 year schools to accept the ADN degree and use it towards a BSN despite being non NLN.
  4. by   kukukajoo
    Nothing like that in my school for the nursing program. Consortium agreements seem to be fairly new and are gaining ground but transferring credits is always a problem for a lot of students in many of the majors. Yes, it is getting better.

    Your school sounds like they will be fully accredited soon. Unfortunately my college has decided not to pursue it at all for the time being.

    I will be put on a short waiting list at the accredited school and will probably get in. Definatley there are openings on nights, but I want days really. I may even move just to be able to go.
  5. by   blee1
    is it ccne accredited? if so you have nothing to worry about...
  6. by   kukukajoo
    Nope. It is my understanding that only Bachelors and above programs can be CCNE accredited.
  7. by   bradsher1996
    My situation is somewhat unique. I have a BSN from a program that had recently transitioned from a diploma program. The school was quick to inform us that they were non-accredited at the time of admission, but were eagerly seeking accredidation and that we would be graduating with an accredited degree. After the first year the school was no closer to being accredited than before-in fact had not even made the first step towards accredidation. After much grumbling from the academic body-the Dean verbally promised our class that we would be "grandfathered" in and not to worry. This of course is bogus as the NLNAC does not offer such a clause. Many of us were older students, 2nd career types that had plans to seek further education-I have been turned away from 4 Nurse Anesthesia programs due to non-accredited degree. My option is to go through an RN-BSN bridge program. Many of us refused to pay back hospital loans-I was just sent notification today from an attorney in Chicago that they will be trying to collect that loan--looks like I will have to spend MORE money fighting that and attending another program to get what I should have already. BE LEERY!
  8. by   llg
    Quote from bradsher1996
    My situation is somewhat unique. ............ BE LEERY!

    I am very sorry about what has happened to you and your classmates and wish you the best of luck in your efforts to "fight back."

    Thank you for sharing your story. Perhaps it will save a few others from being similarly taken advantage of. So many new schools are opening, expanding, etc. and promising students things they can't deliver that people have to be very skeptical. Any one attending any of these new programs needs to be aware of the risks they are taking.

    Thanks again...and good luck.

  9. by   lcbradley
    I am also going through the same thing. I am currently in a two-year ADN program at a technical school that previously was an LPN program. The ADN program has just graduated its first class and the school has been going through the initial accreditation processes. I am not sure if my degree will be accredited in 2007 or not. I have been researching and I have noticed that many schools require an accredited degree. I plan to further my education in nursing and pray that this will not hinder me.
  10. by   Montessori Mommy
    I'm attending a small, hospital-run school that is not accredited. I checked with NLN, and was told that up until recently private hospital school couldn't be accredited, and my school has chosen not to go through the very expensive accreditation process. The program is, of course, accredited by NY state. I also found out that my school offers almost double the clinical hours and a better NCLEX passing rate than the local community college program that is accredited!

    Although some schools may not accept students from a non-NLN program, I have a huge list of schools that will. Also, all of the hospitals in this area hire students from my school. I had been told that the only problem could be if you want to work for the federal government - VA hospitals, miliary, etc., but the military recruits students so that must not be true.

  11. by   Rn2bKatie
    I am in the same situation I just got accepted to a private college into the first nursing class they are starting. The college is Apollo and they told me they are persuing NLN accreditation but until that approval happens they have a signed contract with the University of Phoenix for BSN, im really hoping that other colleges begin accepting students from non NLN approved schools that are at least seeking accreditation because there are so many new programs starting!
  12. by   masstudent
    After reading this thread I have realized how important it is to make sure the program I apply to is accrediated. With that being said does it matter if a program is accrediated by NLNAC versus CCNE (Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education)? Would someone graduating from a program accrediated by CCNE have a more difficult time getting a job than one graduating from a program accrediated by NLNAC? Are progams often accrediated by both groups? I am looking at second degree bachelor/accelerated bachelor's/and direct entry programs. Thans.
  13. by   TazziRN
    All positions I have seen advertised in CA require graduation from an accredited school of nursing.
  14. by   JoeyDog
    I would never go to a school that is not accredited, for the very reason that I want to continue on to NP and know that masters progrmas all want you to have graduated from an "accredited" program. I would reccommend visting you can look up your school or any others you want and it will show if they are accredited. Hope that helps!