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Rn2bKatie has 4 years experience and specializes in AICU.

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  1. Best Underwear to wear under scrubs??

    Am I the only one having problems finding a pair of underwear that do not show when I bend over a patient or ones that dont leave a major panty line? What kinds of panties work with scrubs?
  2. Transgender nursing student!!

    my nursing class has so many problems we are in the first semester and have just started in june. today the director of nursing came to talk to the whole class about a student in our class that is feeling that the study groups in our class are makin...
  3. Make up...?

    The only reason I can think of a reason to require makeup is maybe to cover up pimples no patient wants to be taken care of by a nurse with huge red zits!! Just an assumption
  4. apollo vs gallup

    the lovelace rep that came by to talk to us in class was with recruitment but thats all the info I have here at home I will try to get his number on monday. i think your wife may have to have her financial aid and admission packet complete before lo...
  5. Ahh so confused... Please help.

    I would take the chem first because from what I remeber about micro it used a few of the chem principles!
  6. Inexpensive CPR classes?

    I would check with your school because I too had red cross certification and had to retake AHA cpr? i did mine at one of the hospitals I will eventually be doing clinicals at!
  7. Dealing with Uncaring Professors

    Its every man/woman for themselves I would rather have an uncaring professor than an overcaring professor that was alwaysa watching my back!! Ive also had an overcaring A&P professor that asked me out!
  8. apollo vs gallup

    Apollo will not hamper her ability to obtain her BSN they are currently seeking accredidation from the NLNAC however they have to have a nursing program already running in order to recieve that accreditation approval! i have talked with UNM and they ...
  9. Nursing School in the Caribbean...? !!

    If you do decide to go I would be very careful I have a friend that attended medical school on the same island and he said there is a large gang crime population he was robbed several times traveling from his apartment to school which he explained wa...
  10. How hard is Statistics?

    I gave up on studying this semester and got a C+ very stupid the class would have been much easier had I done the homework! Good thing I got into nursing school! Have Fun and just do the homework!
  11. My legs feel like J*E*L*L*O*!!!!!!!!

    What kind of job is that for! Running to the gym scared!
  12. Interview done, waiting begins

    Really you would think we are trying to get into med school the way they treat these programs!!
  13. ? for current nursing students

    Our schedule is preset and not pretty its mon thru thur 8-5 with clinicals on friday from 7 to whenever!
  14. Waiting list to a Nursing Program

    The wait list here is 3 years at a community college or a very high GPA, volunteer work, and previous medical experience to get into the BSN program ! I got lucky and got accepted to a new adn program offered by a private college! the competition is...
  15. The Phone Rang!! The Phone Rang!!!

    looks like your starting this new job with a fresh attitude! Best of Luck!!!