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Well I had a hell of a night in OB, a sullen rude labor patient even after the epidural, and whining about keeping the moniter belts on- yes they HAVE to be there. Her SO pissed and moaned about it... Read More

  1. by   KarafromPhilly
    I'm sure that I will make myself extremely unpopular by saying this, but if you don't want to be treated like a maid, then don't behave like one. You have no right to complain that pushy, tacky people are making unreasonable requests if you turn around and do whatever they ask. You are a professional. Act like one. Do not allow yourself to be taken advantage of. If you do, it is your own fault.
  2. by   mark_LD_RN
    sounds like a lot of families i deal with here!
  3. by   mark_LD_RN
    Kara that is easier said then done. often you refuse to honor their requests you get a complaint filed. one hospital i worked at ever complaint filed got put in your file and you also had to give written explanation of what happened to many complaints , no raise or worse. so it was not worth the trouble to fight usually did no good any way they are just plain old ignorant
  4. by   pebbles
    Just had to agree with the title of this thread.... sigh.

    A busy day in the trauma stepdown unit... climbing over or around visitors to take vitals and do turns and mobilization, even DB&C. They act like it's such an imposition to ask them to step out of the room for a minute.... "entitled" is the right word, for sure. I wish I had more support from mangagement in limiting vising hours further... "visiting hours" are 11-1430 and 16-2030... but the patients are imposed upon by the family to stay awake and be entertaining for that entire time.... and the visitors often won't leave or show up early...
    my manager takes all family concerns very seriously... over and above pt and nursing concerns....
  5. by   KarafromPhilly
    OK, but if family member files complaint saying, "Nurse refused to bring me ice water while my wife was in labor" or "My sister, husband, brother, two nieces, and grandson were refused admittance while my daughter gave birth", are these not self-explanatory "complaints"? I mean, there is a NURSING SHORTAGE going on. If we allow ourselves to be treated like sh-t when we have the power to ask for ANYTHING and GET IT, when will people respect nurses?
    Must clarify one thing--I didn't mean you personally, Shay. I'm talking generally, among the profession as a whole. Sorry I didn't make that clear.
  6. by   pebbles
    Naw, I think they make more generic complaints a lot of the time.... "that nurse was rude to me", etc.... My co-worker today was very upset about being told off by our manager after a family complained that he ws "abrupt"...
  7. by   mark_LD_RN
    the complaints filed are usually give very little detail. that is part of the problem. I do not let my self be treated lik s$%^ but sometimes you have to think is it worth it. patient today are made to think they are entitled. i get all kinda requests from family etc. i even get requests that i feel patients could and should do for their self. one example had a patient call me to room at 6:30 am, requesting i do her peri care for her. mind you this is a patient who is 36 hours or more after a normal vaginal delivery with no stitches or anything. when i ask her to do it she simply stated she was tired and did not want to do my job for me. well i just cleaned her and politely told her to get used to doing it for herself because she was going home in a couple of hours. this is just one of many such examples. I do not have them time usually to explain and debate the issue with patients or family. and i do not know when nurses will get the respect they deserve.
  8. by   KarafromPhilly
    Heck, ask her who washes her when she is at home, and would it be possible for that person to come in today and take care of her, because you are just SOOOO busy this morning? You would appreciate it very much, etc. All the while being extremely polite, smiling, and STARING at her to let her know that she had better back the &#^$% down, because you are NOT GOING TO. Works wonders. (Being passive aggressive is FUN!)
    Besides, if they treat you like a slave, you are almost certainly not the only one. They can't complain about EVERYONE, can they? ("Everyone who works here is rude." )
    Besides, IMHO most crazy people don't bother to complain--they're too busy driving a new bunch of people to distraction (at the bank, grocery store, child's school, their own job, their own family, etc.)
  9. by   OrthoNutter
    Originally posted by fedupnurse
    NEVER say never. My suggestion when I chaired a visiting hour committee was the 6th Thursday of the 13th month of the year but only during leap year. That was when they could come out of the wood work. And they could call during the 25th hour but that was any day of the week.
    Sad thing. I was dead serious when I said it at that meeting. That was how bad a week I had with numerous families on my unit.
    Hmmmphhh.....what happened to the whole 'at the nurses' discretion' bit??? That's what we have at our hospital....we have visiting hours.....but there's always the disclaimer on the door that nursing discretion applies. If I find anyone bypassing the desk during visiting hours, let alone before, they get Q&A as I'm running past with a bedpan, vomit bowl or God knows what other disgusting object I can grab in a moment's notice to turn them away. I don't buy the whole "I'm only coming for a minute" or "she really needs me" or whatever. I keep to the visiting hours and if I think a pt really can't take one more gawker waking them up, then I pull the curtains, close the door (if in the iso rooms) and hang the "procedure in progress - please respect privacy" sign. I don't care anymore if people's feelings are hurt when I tell them politely to come back at a more appropriate time than 3am. I don't care if they write a letter to the member of parliament about the dragon nurse of the ortho ward who wouldn't let them visit granny at 4am on a Sunday morning when they'd been out on the grog and lurching up the corridor. If it's not in the pt's best interest, then I'm sorry - here's where the door is and don't let it hit you on the butt on the way out. I'm prepared to make exceptions for the relatives and friends of fragile or critical patients to come outside of those hours but not to the extent that it either compromises the quality of my care or the pt's health. Cranky and overbearing??? You betcha....but at least my pts never complain about how their family always disturbs them just when they get to sleep....

    Can you tell I've had a visitors day from hell??? :chuckle
  10. by   alwaysthere
    oh come on you mean nurses,
    theres no reason why you shouldnt have to step over ten people to take your pt's V.S. , change medicate or bathe them, you should always have and audience to tell you how to do your job because apperanlty all those years of nursing school and experience dosnt qualify you to care for their relative, whom they brought to the hospital anyway.

    Yeah bad night w/visitors, too ! sigh :chuckle:
  11. by   thisnurse
    i was just wondering if she planned on
  12. by   canoehead
    testing to see if I can post...
  13. by   canoehead
    This'll be my third attempt to post and thank all of you for your support. You're all cool in my book.

    I won't bother to go into the details again- but suffice it to say that FOB was lucky he didn't get smothered with that pillow. And I don't think it is too much to ask to be able to limit visitors until everyone is resuscitated and the blood have been wiped off the floor. Jeez, they had the run of the room until then.

    And I knew all through that the baby wasn't OK. No one noticed though that it was the nurse making decisions about progress of labor, the baby's strip, and calling the doc in when needed. Plus sucking up the abuse of a sullen adolescent mum with a smile. Nope, we are just waitresses that keep track of the numbers for the docs- and we take ourselves so seriously (isn't that cute).

    I really HATE visitors right now.