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I just found out we do not get holiday pay! Do you?... Read More

  1. by   mekrn
    In my union hospital you get time and a half if you work the holiday plus an additional 8 paid hours to take another time. If you are not working the holiday, you get 8 hours of pay.
  2. by   SouthernLPN2RN
    Quote from Marie_LPN
    I'll get 8 hours pay for Christmas Day even though i'm not working.

    The people that are working call on Christmas day will get the usually holiday hourly triple time, plus the $3 per hour for call time, and also shift differential for the 3-11 and 11-7 time.
    That is awesome! I worked this past wed, thurs and fri, but my pay will be the same. I'm off Christmas.
  3. by   RunningWithScissors
    We don't get paid any extra for working on a holiday; all 6 holidays are supposed to be calculated into your yearly ETO allotment.
  4. by   katieusa
    We get holiday pay if we work night shift going into the holiday and day shift on the holiday (time and 1/2), but no holiday pay on night shift starting the day of the holiday.
  5. by   ns lpn
    holiday pay and union. It has to be negotiated.
  6. by   AuntieRN
    We get pd time and a half if we work it...nothing if we do not work the holiday.
  7. by   miko014
    No union, but holiday pay. It just recently changed. It used to be that you got time-and-a-half for working the holiday (we have 6 per year that count), and nothing if you didn't work it. They just recently started paying for those 6 holidays even if you don't work, but it's prorated based on your scheduled hours. For example, let's say you work 20 hours a week, you get like 4 hours of pay, if you work 40 hours a week, you get 8 hours.

    Now there is another large hospital about 2 miles away, and they have a union. They get holiday pay for every holiday...we're talking Columbus Day, Veterans Day, etc. However, I think they only get the pay if they work the day. So I mean, they aren't making 8 hours of pay for not working Flag Day, but if they do work, they get a bonus (okay, I admit it...Flag Day may be pushing it...they probably don't get that one, but they get a lot more than we do, lol). I don't think it's cool to not give holiday pay. I mean, tell me that administrative people don't get it! It just seems unfair.
  8. by   MIA-RN1
    shoot...I just realized I don't know for sure! I know that if there is a holiday, you can either work one day less the week and get paid for it, or you can use that day a different day within 30 days of the holiday. I THINK I get time and a half on holidays, which is not enough IMHO.
  9. by   wjf00
    8 hours holiday pay plus 1-1/2 time pay. $125/hr, I work any and all holidays. Plus since I work NOC shift it is the night before the holiday that gets the pay, the night of the holiday I am off. Union contract, no PTO, I get 8 holidays, 4 weeks vacation, 2 weeks ED leave, 3 weeks sick pay, a 'float holiday, and a 'birthday' holiday. I hate PTO, it never quite adds up. Hospitals always try to sell it on "It gives the Nurse more flexibility". When in fact it was designed by hospitals to cut back on paid days off.
  10. by   MNlpn
    Quote from ingelein
    Ok,I just have to ask this, how many with holiday pay have a union?

    I get holiday pay. Time and a half. And yes, I'm union.
  11. by   RNinSoCal
    Yes we get holiday pay. Yes we are unionized.
  12. by   RGN1
    Our holiday/unsocial hours pay is suposedly worked into our wages already. A full timer has to work 4 bank holidays in a year & a part timer 2. Funnily enough we're owned by a US company! When I worked in the NHS we got time & a half for working Bank hols & extra allowance for "unsocial" hours, which on a late shift usually meant 1.5 hrs enhanced pay & enhanced pay for weekends.
  13. by   jo272wv
    we get time and a hafe Midnight to Midnight if we work plus everyone in the hospital working or not get eight hour to use in the future for time off. we get I think eleven of these a year.