Night Shift Pay

  1. I am an LPN (not JUST an LPN either)and I work 7P-7A in a small rehab hospital. In our facility, the RN's get paid more "night shift pay" than the LPN's do and the CNA's have no "night shift pay" at all. Don't get me wrong, I am not in anyway saying that the LPN's should make as much an an RN should, I am just talking about "night shift pay". I find this extremely unfair for the LPN's and the CNA's, our time is important also. We are working understaffed just like the RN is, I think we should be paid that same "little extra" to be there at those hours just like they are. I was curious to know how some of the other facilities out there pay their night shift workers. (By the way, we have more LPN's on staff on the night shift than RN's.)
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  3. by   justanurse
    I'm with you. I think anyone working offshifts in a hospital should get same percentage of compensation. At our hospital the RN's make 14% night shift differential. I'm going to be honest, I don't know how much differential anyone else makes. But, it should be the same percentage for everyone. Each of us is as important as the next person.
  4. by   YADA-YADA
    Hi at my facility the rn and lpn get the same diff for working the noc shift (2.75). The aid however only gets 1.50. Go figure.
    FYI. Our hospital went through last year and evaluated the nurses pay scale and gave us all raises. Imagine my surprise when I found out it didnt apply to the LPN staff. And just to add insult to injury they are now doing a evaluation of aids pay, for potential raises. The LPNs are being totally left out of the loop.
  5. by   PPL
    Hey, I'm sorry to hear it when the old LPN/RN thing gets going. I'm an RN, but I agree, it seems like a slap in the face. I mean nights are nights, and it's hard on all of us, CNA'S included. What would we do without each other? Is your facility short of RN'S and/or nurses in general? What's your night nurse to patient ratio? Keep on keeping on! Thanks.
  6. by   tweetieRN
    I'm an RN and I agree that everyone should get the same. Don't know about LPN's, but I think CNA's on the whole are grossly underpaid.
  7. by   Smitty,RN
    Reading your post opened an old wound for me-
    As an LPN at my hospital- I was hurt when all the RN's got an across the board $1/hr increase and we got nothing. I am now an RN at the same hospital and my job really hasnt changed except for being able to do IV pushes, hang blood, and take telephone orders. LPN's are nurses too. It is so unfair- I dont know if it will ever change.
  8. by   Dayannight
    The shift differential should be the same for all nursing staff. At the hospital where I work, RN, LVN, CNA, all get the same night shift differential and weekend differential. (We also shared Smitty's experience of the RN's getting a raise last year, while the LVN's were left out.)
  9. by   ESS
    I am an LPN finishing up my RN. I also work the graveyard shift. Which is my choice, I too beleive the wage for night differential should be the same for LPN and RN. I work on a Med/Surg unit, my patient ratio is 8 to 10. RN pt ratio is 4-5.We have no HCA's on our shift, all do primary care. Patient care is from baths, wts, blood work for nights and early call, we transfer our own pts. to intensive care, take pts. for stat Cat Scans, you get the picture. TOTAL PATIENT CARE. The ratio for LPN one(me) to RN 4-5. I realize they each have a cover for me, but all they need do is initial assessment and what protocol calls for. They are not aware I am trying to complete my RN degree. Which if all goes well will be complete by 2001 January. I don't like being treated as though I'm way beneath them. Initials behind a name does not make you more superior. I can be drowning and they are sitting at the nurses station doing nothing because they team up together to get their work completed. They will call if they cannot get a blood draw (am a PBT) or if the need an EKG (which they cannot do), or during report tell me close the door or call so and so they are late for work the latest is get me a popsicle . These people have caused many nurses to leave our shift, who were great. I am trying to keep my cool I don't have much longer to go. Our hospital is greatly understaffed. We orient them and they leave. We have many,many agency nurses who I wish could stay. To toot my own horn I too do all my IV'S, am on the assist team for out of control pts. and when called go to other units to get can't get blood draws and do EKG's if no one else there does them. Can anyone help make my life at work a little better? The RN's also got a raise last year we did not, but the letter was in our mailbox stating the fact. Is there no end to the old RN to LPN issue we are both nurses according to the Ohio State Board of Nursing and do the same amount of CEU's. If the RN"S AND LPN'S UNITED TOGETHER WHAT AN UNBEATABLE FORCE THAT WOULD BE. We are trying to become a magnet hospital I hope this comes to be a reality. But some of these people are not willing to change with this ever dynamically changing field of health. It has been a long night I hope I made sense. By the way I have been in nursing five years as a nurse. Been at the hospital for 15 years in one form or another. And can honestly say I LOVE WHAT I DO I AM A WOMEN IN HER EARLY FIFTIES.Better late than never.This is my first attempt at replying.
  10. by   DSA RN
    How sad that LPNs and CNAs are not always treated equally when it comes to night and/or weekend differentials and pay raises. You LPNs out there have as much legal responsibility as we RNs, you work as hard, you do as good patient care as we do. The only things I, as an RN can do that you, as an LPN cannot do is the IV stuff. You are just as educated and dedicated as any RN out there. And as for you CNAs, your job is one of the dirtiest, and most physically taxing there is in the medical field, and, personally, I wouldn't work at a facility that did not hire CNAs. We nurses rely on you tremendously to "aid" us when the load is more than we can bear and you are faithful to be there for us. At the hospital where I work on the Mississippi Coast, we have CNAs and LPNs and to my knowledge, all areas of employment or evaluated on a yearly basis, and raises given according to the outcome of the evaluation. And yes, I work nights. Not only do we have a night diff, but we get paid a weekend diff in addition to that. It's good to have a place like this to "gripe." This is my first post, but, I'm sure I'll be back!
  11. by   lactationrn
    all staff gets the same...RN/LPN/Tech/Secretary:
    $3 weeknights and $6 weekends
  12. by   shyviolet78
    Wow - where I work the night shift differential is only 70 cents. I'm a Unit Tech and I have assumed that this diff. was the same for everyone, but maybe the nurses are getting more.
  13. by   NurseTami
    Hi all!!
    At my hospital it is a %, nights and aft. get 8%. I am still new, maybe after writing it, I may be wrong, 12 hr nights get 8%, nights straight get 12 %- does that sound right???? I think I will ask tomorrow! C-Ya!
  14. by   Future LPN Sheryl
    I just wanted to say Thank You. From a CNA who appreciates the recognition