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  1. Getting nurses to come to your inservice

    Oh I forgot one more thing. Please dont tell us that if we dont do these inservices it will negativly impact our yearly evals........most staff nurses i talk to consider that a joke anyway,,,,,I read a stat recently that said the average yearly incre...
  2. Getting nurses to come to your inservice

    Speaking as a staff nurse...we generally dont want to give anymore time then we have already given to the hospital. Staff educators see this as necessary,I know alot of girls see it as another way for the hospital to get us to volunteer more free ti...
  3. Nursing uniforms

    I wouldnt wear all white. Forget it. They can read my name tag ato see who I am and besides I always introduce myself to my pts. We can wear any colrs we want. If they made us all fo to one color, i would one of the ones to leave. I like my individua...

    Pay is nice,,(and they do deserve more money,,,,dont we all) but getting recognition for doing a good job goes along way. At the end of my day I always thank the girls that i work with...without fail. During the shift I help them out whenever I can...
  5. seeking info - TELEPHONE TRIAGE

    I have a friend who does telephone triage in northern Ma. Pay range is 18-21 and hour.

    You never stated specifically what you despised about Med/surg? It makes a big difference in how we can advise you. Also how far along in your studies are you? If it is the care you hate then you should reconsider your choice. At our school Med surg...
  7. getting that first nursing position

    Hi thought I would toss in my 2 cents. i graduated 2 yrs ago, also at the top of my class. I had no difficulty getting a hospital job, actually had 5 offers. My only aid experience was in home health, most of the DONs did not like that but accepted i...
  8. Minimum PACU staffing, Maximum hospital hours

    what is unbearable hours and load?
  9. Night Shift Pay

    Hi at my facility the rn and lpn get the same diff for working the noc shift (2.75). The aid however only gets 1.50. Go figure. FYI. Our hospital went through last year and evaluated the nurses pay scale and gave us all raises. Imagine my surprise wh...
  10. Patient Load

    You dont say if you are day, evenings or nights. Anyway used to work in rehab but on a vent floor: all had resp. issues several were on vents, and many were on precautions (MSRA, VRE). Days 5-7, evenings 7-8 and nocs up to 12.
  11. Cost of training new nurses

    First off I would like to say WOW! You have only lost 15 nurses in 4 years, we have lost 10 in the last 6 months. Im not totally convinced that it is cheaper to retain staff who are probably A)close to the top or at the top of the pay scale and B) w...
  12. nursing salaries

    Hi i work in North Boston almost at NH border. 2 1/2 yrs experience 18.00 base with 3.00 diff for nocs. ------------------ 10% of life is the action, and 90% is my reaction. Hence all things are relative to my mood at the moment of impact.
  13. Nurse's Week. Whadya get?

    Well now you are really going to be jealous. We got cold sandwiches and chips from the hospital cafeteria. NUMMY!! Oh by the way we could also BUY a happy nurses week t-shirt from the gift shop for a meer $10.00!! I told you would be jealous. (he he)...
  14. Office Nurses' Salaries

    I was offered an office position in southern NH. pay to be 16.00hr. I could not take the cut in pay plus loosing my diff, although I would have liked the hours. Good Luck.

    Emotional support whats that? Rarely time for that. Signed: FLOOR NURSE ------------------