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  1. Linda LPN

    school and work

    Hello and good luck in school. I am an LPN and I'm going back to school to complete my RN degree. I work the night shift, 7p to 7a, and I'm taking 12 hours at school this semester. Tell your husband it CAN be done, it won't be easy, but it can be done. I wish you the best. By the way, I work about 86 hours every 2 weeks. Once again, good luck!
  2. Linda LPN


    Hey Braall, good news to hear you are going back to school. I've been an LPN for 7 yrs and I just enrolled today to complete my RN degree. My opinion is to go straight for your RN, if you can. There are much more opportunities for RN's, greater pay, and more respect. Believe me, I am not trying to start an RN/LPN debate here, just that you will have more options as an RN than an LPN. Good luck in school!
  3. Linda LPN


    Tesa, I have heard of some people passing after having that many questions. Keep your chin up. Just because you had that many questions does not mean you failed. Besides, I've heard of people having only 85 questions and still failing it.
  4. Linda LPN

    Night Shift Pay

    I am an LPN (not JUST an LPN either)and I work 7P-7A in a small rehab hospital. In our facility, the RN's get paid more "night shift pay" than the LPN's do and the CNA's have no "night shift pay" at all. Don't get me wrong, I am not in anyway saying that the LPN's should make as much an an RN should, I am just talking about "night shift pay". I find this extremely unfair for the LPN's and the CNA's, our time is important also. We are working understaffed just like the RN is, I think we should be paid that same "little extra" to be there at those hours just like they are. I was curious to know how some of the other facilities out there pay their night shift workers. (By the way, we have more LPN's on staff on the night shift than RN's.)