Night Shift Differential

  1. What does your facility pay for working night shift? (I define night shift as being 7P to 7A or 11P to 7A.)

    I have interviewed a few nurses lately for our ICU and each have said they won't work nights. Well, no one works steady daylight so I can't hire new people that won't work nights and tell my faithful staff that they have to pick up more nights because the new people won't!

    So...I'm thinking we have to make it more attractive to work nights. Some places offer a better differential for night shifts; I read on this board somewhere about people lining up to work nights because the pay was awesome. Our facility pays a $0.75 shift differential for nights (certainly not enough to be appealing).

    What does your place do? Or what would you suggest we try to make night shift more appealing? (It's tough for some, I know; I personally HATE nights but always worked my share.)
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  3. by   Scarlette
    I get paid a whopping 70 cents per hour extra for midnights. Now I can buy that beach house I've always wanted! LMAO!!

    Honestly, it really didn't matter to me because I like nights better anyway. It seems a bit more laid doctors, no management, less family members to trip over when you go in to see a pt. I'm sure I'll start hating it soon....I might be in the "honeymoon" phase because this is my first nursing job, but so far so good! When I oriented on days it was crazy!!!
  4. by   donmurray
    UK NHS rate is time +1/3rd (national rate) Newer contracts often specify rotating shifts, so it tends to be a package, and harder to tell the "night" component (invariably less!) Private sector, I don't know, but they are competing for staff. hope this helps!
  5. by   Genista
    My facility pays 20% shift diff for nocs (8% for pms). Base pay for new grad is about $25/hr, so the noc diff brings it up to about $30/hr. Even with that, we have trouble keeping staff.
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  6. by   oramar
    I have mentioned my husband is a union tradesman. They never have trouble getting people to volunteer for off shifts. If a person jumps back and forth from days to off shift they get time and a half for off shifts. If they work steady off shift they get 10% of their hourly rate. Also, time and half for Saturday and double time for Sundays and Holidays. I am not suggesting anyone is going to do this I am just putting forth an idea that works.
  7. by   Harleyhead
    My hospital pays $2.75 extra per hour for 3-11 shift and $3.50 for nights. I luv my 3-11 shift.
  8. by   Agnus
    My hospital currently pays $2. Word is a nearby competetor is now paying $2.25.
    I do not understand why everyone must work nights??!!! Rotating shifts is not good for anyone. Hire for nights like anywhere else. There are people who thrive on nights. Hire for nights exclusively not for rotainging shifts. Advertise the position as a night position. People who prefer nights do not want to rotate to days any more than day people want to rotate to nights. If you present the position as a roating shift no wonder you can't get anyone. Make it known up front the position is for nights. Anyone who wants days is NOT a good fit for the job. Make pay and differential competitive with hospitals in your local area. Don't worry what they pay in Podunk, NV unless that is where you are.
    I'm just giving it to you from my position if I were to consider such as job. (If I knew I'd have to rotate I would not even consider the job.)
  9. by   kaycee
    Our shift diff for both 3-11 and 11-7 is the same. A whopping $.60/hr. It's a joke and I am in the process of trying to change it. Nobody wants to work nights in my facility either.
  10. by   ERNurse752
    There is a $2.70 eves/nocs differential in my facility. I am a new grad, and with that, I make $19.10/hour, which is about average around here. I don't think I could support myself if I worked days! I'm just now getting enough money saved up to start looking at moving out to my own apartment!
  11. by   RNforLongTime
    At my hospital, the differential is the same for both evening and night shift. We get 5% of our base wage as the differential. On weekends (which is 11pm Friday to 11pm Sunday) it's an extra 5%.
  12. by   deespoohbear
    At our facility the evenings and night shifts get $1 more an hour. This past November we started getting a weekend bonus of $3 hour. Not as much I would like, but it sure beats what we were getting before: ZIPPO!!!!
  13. by   Crawsu
    At my facility, we get $4.00 an hour for nights. We also get a differential for corrections, which is another $2.00 an hour. There has been no problem finding people to work nights.
  14. by   dctf
    County hospital were I work it's $2.00 for 3-11 and $2.25 for 11-7, we get an extra 1.25 for weekends.