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What does your facility pay for working night shift? (I define night shift as being 7P to 7A or 11P to 7A.) I have interviewed a few nurses lately for our ICU and each have said they won't work... Read More

  1. by   kaycee
    I'll also be printing this out and taking it to my next meeting with management!! We need all the help we can get.
  2. by   babsRN
    At my facility, the nurse get 2.50/hr for 3-11, 3./hr for 11-7, and and an additional 3.50 for weekend diff, regardless of shift. This rate is pretty standard for this part of Texas. Our PRNs go for 25/hr. Hope this helps...
  3. by   KRVRN
    We get $3.00/hour extra for night shift. No weekend differentials because we are required to work every other weekend. Isn't that nice? Hmmm, and they are frequently overstaffed on the weekends and understaffed during the week. Can't even comprehend why. But they're looking at changing that policy and making us every third weekend... (Which they've been looking at for the past 5 years)
  4. by   rosy
    As much as I like getting a shift dif (mine is 2.45, 3.10 on weekends) I really appreciate having fresh food available on shift. Several hospitals I have worked agency for have the grill open until about 2am. Also not being expected to attend meetings in the middle of the day is a definate perk which administrators (especially in small facilities) just don't understand. And how about security, shuttle service to parking lot, or secure parking, or my personal favorite adequate lighting. (I hate working in the dark, but it seems hospitals think patients rest better if the lights at the nurses station are 'subdued' Maybe extra vacation would be an attractive insentive for working nights
  5. by   kelman
    At the hospital I work at in Texas, there is not a night differential per se. The diff is $4/hr starting at 3pm. It does not increase for the night workers (11-7 or 7p-7a). This is the first time in 20 years of nursing that I've worked at a hospital without an additional night differential. The diff is $4/hr for weekends.
  6. by   thisnurse
    we used to get the pedicures and foot rubs but the interns at our hospital complained that it wasnt part of their job description so they stopped. residents werent very good at it.
  7. by   regnifne
    Mobile, AL

    My hospital pays $2.50/hr extra for 3-11 and 11-7.
  8. by   PJF1160
    Differentials at our facility are $2.00/hr. for evenings (3p-11p) and $3.00/hr. for nights (11p-7a). All shifts, including days, get an additional $1.00/hr. for weekends. We used to pay a percentage of the base pay, but it was decided that everyone should be compensated the same amount.
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  9. by   nurse110
    Boy, I need to work where most of you do because I have worked nightshift for 5 yrs and only get a .25 cent differential. I'm nightshift supervisor, too! I do 3rd shift staffing/scheduling and 50 other thing besides working the floor as the only nurse on duty. I think I'm being cheated somewhere. I think it maybe time to move on. Looks like it anyway.
  10. by   tcolleen
    Where I work, we get a 16% night differential (12 hour shifts, so there is only a day shift and a night shift). So the actual differential depends on seniority and what the base rate being paid is.
  11. by   MiniRNC
    Both 3-11:30 & 11-7:30 get $1.00. Can't say we like it though. Some choose nights over 3-11 due to having kids in school. Some prefer the pace over the other shifts. Others take it because they need a job.
    BTW your body doesn't really get used to night shift....unless you stay on night shift hours on your days off.
    One problem we have is that to get both Fri. & Sat. off together you have to work 7 nights in a row! Fri/sat are considered our weekend off. Our charge nurses do the schedules. If requested, I do try to give sat/sun weekends to avoid the stretches.
    We do try to pull to the shift the nurse prefers when possible. (some would rather nights then 3-11).
  12. by   NurseLady504
    I'm an LPN in New Orleans. Night is $3.00 and w/e nights is $4.50. Not bad.
  13. by   whipping girl in 07
    I am a new grad working in ICU. At my hospital, we get $5.00 for 11-7, $4.00 for 3-11. No weekend diff, and we have to work every other weekend the first year, then every third weekend after that. We have four new grads, and we'll all be on nights after orientation. We weren't given a choice, but at least we don't have to rotate shifts. At the competition across town, they have basically the same setup, but they can't keep anyone on days, everyone wants nights for the extra money. Over here, people start on nights, then move to days. And we work all 12s.