NELRP 2009 - page 5

I applied for the 2009 NELRP. I did not expect to hear from HRSA until September (IF I received an award). However, I was contacted by HRSA yesterday (June 15, 2009). They asked me to obtain pay off... Read More

  1. by   oneLcrna

    What was the time lapse from the phone call regarding "are you still interested?"/bank and employment info verification/number to call if anything changes and the email with the recovery act contracts?

  2. by   ACCB
    I got the phone call verifying my info last Tuesday and the email with the contract this afternoon.
  3. by   gudiarani
    I got the phone call last week (maybe Thursday?) and got the email around 5:30 pm today.
  4. by   lcwiney
    I received an email today to accept the NELRP award for the 2009-2011 contract period and had to also sign the NELRP American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. I really hope this is good news!!!!!
  5. by   lcwiney
    I received verification call last Friday...received email today (6 days)
  6. by   rachel_51207
    I also got the email and faxed it in! I am so excited! Good luck everyone!
  7. by   oneLcrna
    Surely hope I receive an email....I received the 2nd call last Friday....maybe I will hear today? Please let it be.....
  8. by   rzacharr
    I also recieved the email last night, I called two of the girls I work with and they have not recieved the email. I hope its a good sign!!!!!!:uhoh21:
  9. by   traumaNP
    I got the verification phone call about ten days ago (I think it was around the 13th), but have not gotten an email with contracts attached. Is anyone else in the same boat? I am totally freaking out! (I'm at a DSH in MA, ration 186%)
  10. by   givingheart
    I received a call last e-mail as of yet. I am going to make myself sick over this!!!!
  11. by   oneLcrna
    traumanp & givingheart--- I am in the same boat (call last Friday...still no email). Not having a good feeling.....
  12. by   traumaNP
    ick, me either I called and they wouldn't tell me anything.
  13. by   oneLcrna
    Well, I was thinking of calling, but guess I won't be doing that....