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I applied for the 2009 NELRP. I did not expect to hear from HRSA until September (IF I received an award). However, I was contacted by HRSA yesterday (June 15, 2009). They asked me to obtain pay off... Read More

  1. by   LucyLu33
    I got my letter! It came Saturday but my mom didn't tell me I had mail!!! It was sitting on the table for two days!
  2. by   hataway94
    Just checked the mail.......Nothing.....Bummer!! We signed the contracts on 8/6 and our hospital is on the list. Keep my fingers crossed!!! Please Lord!!
  3. by   oneLcrna
    Well, I am coming to the realization that I will not receive the NELRP this year. I have been "stalking" the HRSA website for new press releases. Have even reread the original press release (my hospital is not on there). I was originally encouraged by the "First 100" in the artice. However, upon reexamining it, I am beginning to wonder if it truly means "First 100" THIS YEAR -or- "First 100" UNDER THE AMERICAN RECOVERY ACT (as in, the first ones to be funded under the act for --- as in, the only ones this year). Aaargh!

    Question for thoe of you that received the award letter: are you RNs or Advanced Practice RNs (MSN, CRNA, CRNP, etc.)?
  4. by   kt6onc
    RN here... I got all the emails, signed the contracts and faxed them in on 8/3... No letter yet.. That having been said, my state wasn't even listed on the top 100... heavy hearted, feeling like I wont get it, but I know there is still time!

    I dont think the first 100 is the only 100, because:

    - in 2005-2008 they helped 232-599 with 2 year awards and 203-271 with 3 year amendments, with only $18M and theyre supposed to be able to help "significantly more" RNs with the extra ($27M...) THERE IS STILL HOPE! still bummed though...
  5. by   hataway94
    onelcrna~~~~i am so worried and fearful also. i spend all free time searching and searching for any info i can find. check out this website and let me know what you think. scroll down to the middle section showing nelrp money available....27 million. that sure is a huge difference from the recently released 8 million. maybe there is hope for us all!!
  6. by   oneLcrna
    hataway94: That is VERY encouraging! Maybe they are "rolling out" the list of awardees in intervals. I had thought that maybe (just maybe) they were doing it by RNs, APNs, etc. I am so glad you directed me to that site. It has definitely given me hope!

    ETA: I noticed the $8 million for NELRP and $4 million for Nurs Faculty Loan Pmt. are both about one-third of the planned funding...maybe there will be three announcements???? If I am not on the next list, it just might be the end of my sanity!
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  7. by   gudiarani
    I got the letter and I am an RN, BSN... I don't think the first 100 are the only ones that will be awarded. Keep your fingers crossed!
  8. by   kbuchy
    RN here...I received an email to fax over my loan payoff amounts on July 27th, but since have not heard anything. I constantly check my email hoping for the contract email, but have received nothing thus far. I am very discouraged but still am praying. When I spoke to my analyst she sounded positive on the phone, but I still havent' received a contract email. Do you have to receive the contract email in order to receive an award letter? Do you think that they are still sending out contract emails or was Aug 6th the last time? Maybe they are doing it in intervals??...but I do believe that those of you who are stressing about receiving an award and received the contract email are DEFINITELY getting the I really wouldn't worry too much!
  9. by   oneLcrna
    kbuchy: I am not sure if everyone who receives an award will be contacted. After reading last year's posts, it seems some people were contacted and did not receive an award & some people that were never contacted received an award. I would say that this year, they seem to be doing everything in intervals, so you may still be in the running. Keeping fingers crossed for you....
  10. by   nursebreeze
    I got the contract email today!!!!! Woo hoo!!!
    I'm signing and faxing it back first thing in the am!!
    God is so amazing!

    Kbuchy...keep checking your email for the contract email!
  11. by   hibiscus25
    Kbuchy: I received the verification email on July 21st and after a month of compulsively checking my email I received the contracts last Thursday Aug 20th. So don't give up, they are still contacting people. I thought I could put a rest to the compulsive behavior until I came on here and read that people were starting to get acceptance letters in the mail. Now i've turned into a 'mailman' stalker I will be SO happy when this thing is over!!!
  12. by   kbuchy
    Thank you guys for replying back!! That is so reassuring and I will definitely continue to check my email. Nursebreeze...I think me and you received the verification email at the same time so I will pray that I receive the contract email soon too!! Congratulations to the both of you, I have been stressing about it sooo bad ever since I got the loan verification email, so I know how much of a relief it must be to receive a contract email. I am just worried that the email will go to my spam. I've been emptying it without checking it and thought about it today that Oh no it could be in the spam folder. I'll pray that it comes soon!!! Thanks so much!!! It gives me great hope.
  13. by   kt6onc
    don't worry about accidentally deleting the contracts email or it being spammed, I never even got it! They spelled my email address wrong on their system. They called to remind me that I had a few more days to fax in the contracts, and I was able to tell them that I never got it, corrected my email address, and I received the email in an hour. Good thing theyre thorough! Fingers crossed!