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  1. Hi guys,

    I have an interview tomorrow w a rehab/LTC facility. My job would be as a Case manager Liaison, going to one of five area hospitals to "recruit" residents and refer them to this facility.

    I was trying to do a little research on the facility, as I always do before an interview, by checking out their web-site, well I came up empty, so did a google search, and came up w a warning about the facility due to substantiated c/o actual harm and/or immediate jeopardy.

    Ironically, I was being all cool, and decided to load all my resume info into my palm, so if they wanted names and addresses of references, license no.s etc, I would have it all in there. I decided to make a short list of my questions for them. Here is the irony... my lasy question was going to be..."Pretend my family mbr was going to be sent to a rehab s/p tkr, how would you sell me on this facility?"

    I was so proud of myself, I think I had come up w one of those ugly questions like they ask us to put us on the spot for interviews, and wouldn't it be lovely to watch them squirm for a change?? LOL. Kidding aside tho, I would be actually expected to do just that, sell people on the facility.

    This place is about 30 min from my home, and I have never worked there, or known anyone who has, so I truly have no reference. I honestly couldn't work someplace that puts people at harn on a reg basis.

    Some of the violations inc food sanitation, insects/rodents, not investigating reports of abuse or ensuring no prior incidents of abuse before hiring.

    If you were me, would you show them the copy of the report card I printed out? It may not be a very smart move if I want the job, but then again, maybe I wouldn't really want it.

    If you did show them the report, would you do it after they gave you the fluff about convincing me to send my family mbr there? Or skip the on-the-spot question and go right to how would you respond if someone you were working with to transfer to this facility confronted you with this report, obtained on a simple search of your facility's name on the internet?

    I am thinking the second question. Less confrontational, but the question needs an answer, don't you think?

    So, how would you proceed? Suppose every other thing about the job was perfect? I truly like that the job entails movement from five diff hospitals, I hate to feel trapped and stagnated in one place. I am THE nursing gypsy!
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  3. by   Jenny P
    Hoolahan, that's a tough one. My approach would be to address the report right off; but then again, I'm not one to pull punches either! I think they have to sell you on why you should work there; and they should address this report and how they are correcting the problems they have. If they are trying to correct the problems, they will be up front with you and maybe that is why they need to recruit residents and need you in this position. I would be very cautious if they aren't straight with you; beating around the bush when asked directly about this would be a red flag for me about working there.
  4. by   ptnurse
    Ditto what Jenny p said.
  5. by   P_RN
    Does this place have a name that starts with H***** So*** ?

    If so that's exactly what you will do. SELL. Be given quotas and be expected to produce!
  6. by   sjoe
    hoolahan--It is great to see someone professionally preparing for an interview and having a clear idea of what YOU want, rather than just showing up and taking whatever you are told "on faith." It is clear to me that however you choose to handle this (and your requesting them to sell the place to you is excellent), you will do just fine.

    My admiration and best wishes
  7. by   jemb
    My thought on approaching the subject of violations, etc., would be a non-confrontational, matter of fact approach. Something like "Since violations/infractions (or whatever term is best) are a matter of public record, anyone looking for LTC for a family member would have access to the facility's history. How would you convince someone that this facility is clean/safe/adequately staffed (whatever infraction you are referencing) and is the best place for the resident?"

    That gives the interviewer a chance to acknowledge (or deny) prior problems, and say what has been done to correct them. That may also give you an idea of what sort of management you would be dealing with should you take the job.

    Good luck.
  8. by   renerian
    Tought spot. Address the report. I would. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

  9. by   hoolahan
    Thank you guys soooo much. That really helps. I guess I will feel things out about how it goes.

    P_RN, thank you for pointing that out! It is not a H.S. facility (I know exactly who you mean tho, and I frankly wouldn't have any problem "selling" those facilities around here. I have done frequent on-site visits as a WC CM to those places, and they are usuallu pristine clean, well-staffed on any day I go there (NO I don't go on nights or we's!) and the staff is always helpful and intelligent. This is a stand-alone place, not incorprorated into a large "system" of facilities like that.

    The bottom line is whether I am totally direct, like Jenny P, or subtle in the way I ask, I MUST ask about it. I do kind of like the non-confrontational approach, b/c if they outright bold-face LIE, I will have my answer in bold capital letters....RUN! But, that is just a teensy deceitful when I already KNOW they have had violations, and I am a terrible liar!

    The salary range was 42-46.5K, not really great for all that traveling, I will be asking how my travel is reimbursed as well.
    I'll check in this afternoon and let you know what I did and how it went.
    :kiss to you all for your thoughtful advice!
  10. by   hoolahan
    Hi guys,

    It went rather well actually! The man was very forthcoming, I didn't even have to address it, he brought up the recent inspections, and alluded to some deficiencies that had been addressed, so I didn't get all in deep about it. I would have to interview w DON next anyway, so I will bring it up then if I get that far.

    Sounds like a good job, and I got a tour of the facility, it is older, but not horrible like I was afarid of. There was plenty of staff visible, all the residents were clean and out of their rooms by 9:30, no horrendous odor of urine. I have been in much much worse, just by smell alone.

    I'll let you know if I get called back. Thanks again for the advice.