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Help! I am a new RN - graduated in May of 98. I started my job in Sept as full time nights(SURG floor), but had to cut back to part time b/c we lost our day care & I was getting NO sleep. I... Read More

  1. by   nrsen99
    I'm also a new grad. Before I even graduated I got over half a dozen job offers. Most of them being in critical care areas. I say, dump the job and get a new one. Who needs all that aggrevation?
  2. by   NurseBoy
    Hi Becca

    How did it turn out? Did justice prevail?

  3. by   3651bht
    Beca, It is true that you can be fired if you are an "at will" employee. Most nurses are at will unless they have signed a contract specifically stating their terms of employment. Maybe there is another way to help your unit without actually being away from home. Are there any unit projects going on at the present time. i.e. inservices, teaching materials. Maybe you could do some research at home and help in these areas. Develop a care plan for a post-op patient or a teaching tool for the patient/nurse. Offering to do things like these at home might not bring in any income now but may pay off handsomely later. Hope this helps!!!
  4. by   freemanl
    If there is no one to assist you with day care you might try sharing with someone else. My sister and I "swapped" kids: when I came to work, I brought the kids (hers and mine) and she took them home. It took some planning but we both survived and the kids grew to love hospital food! Also you might want to negotiate shifts. Are you working 8 hours? Can you work 12 and stagger the days so that you avoid working stretches? This way 3 days a week equals full time. In any event, I would prepare for the worst and try for a better solution.
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    Please see my posts in Losing Job--Panicicking and Disciplinary Nighmare.
    The Losing job post tells you the nightmare of Home Care. It's a racket. Both of them show you how easy it is to lose your career in "at will" states.
    Jon :roll
  6. by   Agnus
    Start job hunting now before this happens. There are part time positions out there and many employers would rather have a part time employee than none.

    You might look for some one to job share while you are hunting else where. Most employers are open to job sharing and yours might since they need the shift covered enough to fire you.

    I would be interested to see if they hire someone before they fire you or if they fire without any replacement in sight. That would make thier integrity or common sense questionable.
  7. by   Speculating
    Originally posted by
    Please see my posts in Losing Job--Panicicking and Disciplinary Nighmare.
    The Losing job post tells you the nightmare of Home Care. It's a racket. Both of them show you how easy it is to lose your career in "at will" states.
    Jon :roll your a day late and a dollar short Becca0528 started that thread in June of 1999. It's only about five years old.
  8. by   Agnus
    I am an employer in an at will state. I can fire without cause. HOWEVER, there are now some president cases on the books that show this is not as clear cut as it seems.

    If your employer has a systematic disapline program in place. Even if it has never been implemented they must follow it or you do have a case against them.

    I know this because I am an employer with my own business and I keep up (as much as time and resources allow. )

    This is not something you would be told by anyone as an employee. It is not the thing we want employees to know. If I list anywhere some of the reasons I can fire you the at will law no longer will hold up in my situation. If I say that I can or may give a verbal warning then followed by a written one followed by firing they I have to follow that.

    These are new legal presidences and that is what a court will go by when rendering a decision. Be aware. Employers are not as smart as you think and make mistakes like this all the time. In fact the vast majority of employers make this mistake.
  9. by   renerian
    Having been laid off 6 times in my 18 years as a nurse I understand completely. I am sure there are plenty of hospitals that would take you in a minute!

  10. by   barefootlady
    This supervisor knows a good thing and she wants YOU full time to fill some of the spaces she has on her unit. You say she is a temporary super, well she sounds like she is bucking for long term super. She wants to show the powers that be, look, I have managed to fill some of my needs with my own unit nurses and no overtime. Look for another job, or another unit, it may not be easy, but you do not need this type of treatment. A part time dependable nurse is better than no nurse. I don't think this super has a clue on how to run an efficient unit. Let us know what happens.
  11. by   Gldngrl
    In "right to work" states, employees can be terminated without cause; the exceptions being discrimination issues as per federal and state laws. Facilities may have grievance systems established, but if the employer is smart, it will include clauses for discipline for behaviour deemed inappropriate in the workplace at the discretion of management. One can obtain copies of the policies that existed at the time of injury or incident (before management retrieves them to rewrite) if that's an issue, but it becomes a fight between policies and the disclaimer on said policies that gives management the right to amend or withdraw at any time. Trust me, it is very difficult to fight management and I believe the original poster of this very old topic listed her location as Virginia...a conservative state not known in the legal realm to be sympathetic to employees in employment and labour cases. The 4th Circuit is one, if not the most conservative circuits in the country. Not sure what my point is:roll , just wanted to provide some info. on the uphill battle employees have in right to work states, esp. conservative ones. MMB
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  12. by   SmilingBluEyes
    wonder what happened since this took place over 4 years ago,.....

    wonder how this person fared.