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I know this is an often-used test. I've taken it three times since h.s. I am mostly an ENFP, sometimes an ISFP. Anyone else know their type? I wonder what other types people on the forum are, and if... Read More

  1. by   P_RN
    On the M/B I am I N F J.

    But on the Jung Typology I am I S T J.......neither had exactly the answers I wanted, so some I just picked the lesser of two evils.
  2. by   jetscreamer101
    ISTJ here
  3. by   CritterLover
    [font="comic sans ms"]wow, i get a different answer just about every time i take the test.

    the only thing consistent is i am most definatly introverted, but then i already knew that:wink2:

    today i am intj. i did this last week, and got something different, but i was split down the middle 50/50 on two of them. the other was 45/55. i guess it depends on my mood.

    wonder what that means :spin:
  4. by   MIA-RN1
    this is all interesting but I wonder---wouldn't it be more accurate to have someone to whom we are very close answer the questions? Someone who knows us well and can be more objective. Are we giving the answers as honestly as we can, or are we deluding ourselves by answering what we wish we would be? And this is not to upset anyone, but to question the validity of a self-administered personality test. I agree with my personality type, and it fits me to a very close T, but I had my husband answer most of the questions about me. Because could I truly truly be objective when answering hard questions about myself? Can anyone?
    And once its done, can one fairly take the test again? Are we somehow skewering answers if taking it more than once because we know what we 'should' answer or want to answer, versus what our true answers would be?
    These are just thoughts I've had reading thru the thread. Its actually quite fascinating when you think about it.
  5. by   weesyanne
    I am an ISFJ. I already knew that, but the test just reconfirmed it for me. Anyone else out there an ISFJ?
  6. by   psydeowt
    ENTJ... took it over 10 years ago, but pretty accurate..
  7. by   carm4502
    Mr ENTJ speaking. Yes you. I also took the Myer Briggs challenge on many occasions during my career and it was farily good, but the definitions got shaky around the edges.

    I recently tested using the "True Colours" methodology for determining my response to above and below the line thinking (management Vs. Leadership) and came out a strong Green/Gold with a patch of Orange and almost no Blue. Not surprising that I am a nurse informatician then.

    Most nurses in the clinical setting tested Orange/Blue or Vice Versa (the caring side coming through), and it really showed why my reliance on fact and statistics hadn't permeated the complex. Nurses usually seem to know through feeling a situation rather than analysing it and their intuition hardly ever fails.

    Try the colour test. Its far more revealing then Myer Briggs. As a Greenie I'd like to collate the results.
  8. by   piscesguy
    the myers-briggs is a long test, but i started taking the shortened test (thanks kurlykay for the links!) day, evaluating specifically how i felt and reacted that day at work, on my bicycle, at the store, at school, etc. it has helped me get a better sense of the test, of myself, and of the other personalities out there and how they place emphasis on different aspects of things in each situation, etc. it really helps to have a few specific situations to think about when you answer the questions, but not too many, know what i mean? we are all soo complex (and freaky) ! now that my classes are starting, my testing is getting phased out, but i think i'm addicted. i bet there's a support group. what's the true colors test? where's that at?!
  9. by   bethem
    Quote from CoopergrrlRN
    I am INFJ. Spooky because it fits pretty well.
    Me too! I think this is so weird, cause I took the Myers-Briggs test when I was 15 and got ENFS. I knew I had had some pretty major changes to my personality following some illness and depression right after I took the test, so it's interesting to see how it has affected my score.
  10. by   1st edition
    I took the test and I am ISFJ. Sooo true!
  11. by   jojotoo
    ISTJ - that's me.
  12. by   Multicollinearity
    Quote from toons_are_rad
    I also read somewhere ealier that it is almost impossible for a child or youth to be classified as an intj. Intj's only become so usually because of a parent or role model who despises weakness and inability to control their emotions. The traits of an intj are not usual, but rather a result of a (forgive me) jaded and logical environment. Just thought it was interesting. Any thoughts anyone?
    This sounds right for me. I was raised primarily by my father. He was an aerospace engineer. You know those shy engineer types! He was jaded (burned by my borderline personality disorder mom) and too logical. I learned from my mother that I did NOT like drama or emotion. So I over-identified with my shy, logical father and his steady moods. I'm sure I my introversion is genetic though.
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  13. by   cancalbloop
    I took the Myers Briggs test with my husband around 3-4 years ago. I believe it's accurate.

    I'm a ISFJ and nursing is one of the careers.