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I need some help here. My daughter, who is 22, came to visit me this past weekend. She woke up Sunday morning with excruciating pain in her right side, toward her back. We went to the ER, the doc... Read More

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    I have had kidney stones and the symptoms do sound familiar...I went 8 weeks before being diagnosed correctly because I wasn't their typical case. I was given a ton of different antibiotics and my pain would come and go through the weeks from not being able to walk from not even feeling any discomfort. I eventually had to have surgery for removal. Just thought this might be helpful to know that it really can "come and go"...My prayers are with you guys!
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    I have nothing medical to add...just wanted to give you a personal message that you and your daughter are in my prayers and I hope she's feeling great again very soon. It's hard when Momma is a nurse because EVERYTHING horrible runs through our heads! Take care.

    Happy Nursing (& Mothering)~Angie
    AMEN...AND...DITTO! I'm hoping for the best for your daughter, too, Julie. :kiss and ((((hugs))))