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Okay, time for a happy topic. I had a busy week last week covering for my boss who was out sick. There was some crisis management to be done, and I had to put in some extra hours and make a... Read More

  1. by   JeannieM
    I am so happy for all of you who have found terrific bosses that you can believe in. After hearing all of the sour grapes about administration on this BB, this is a fantastic thread! I have raved many times on the BB about my boss, a nurse who is the hospital administrator but still considers herself a nurse and who ADVOCATES for her staff and patients in a large, money-strapped hospital system. We don't always see eye-to-eye (who does?) but if I can afford to be loud-mouthed and vocal, it's because I know she'll support me. I thank God every day for this wonderful, stressful, challenging job.
  2. by   nrs2bme
    I too, have a great boss. I just started this job in March but I really appreaciate my boss. When I had to have surgery she actually had a HUGE arangement of flowers delivered to my house. Now, that I have decided I want to go to school she said she was glad to see someone so motivated to improve their life and that she was going to work with my school schedule so I don't have to resign or go part time yet, she also said that if i need to go part time eventually (cause of homework and family) she will work with that too! I am very fortunate to have such a supportive boss after being here less than six months! This is a simple customer service job and she says herself(she is the owner) she likes to see people "help themselvevs"...
  3. by   shannonRN
    monday morning i was finishing up an eve-mn boss asked how the weekend went (i was in charge). i explained how one of our staff was sick yada, yada, yada. she then looked at me and said, how much do you make? nevermind, it isn't enough. sometime this week i will be adjusting your pay. you need a raise! i couldn't believe it. i don't dare tell her a couple of months ago i got $1.81.... fingers are crossed that she keeps her word.
  4. by   RyanRN
    Ya see, sometimes all it takes is being treated like an adult with a little appreciation thrown in. Why doesn't this sink in to the other thickheaded administrators how easy this really is?!?!?!
  5. by   Brownms46
    You know after reading some of these great posts, I thought about a boss I had a long time ago. I was working as a Home Health Supervisor with HHAs on a United Way Program. She was and is one of the best bosses I have ever had!

    While in the field I had a flat tire, and on top of that my battery went dead! It was over 100 degrees in Arlington, Tx. A nice guy stopped to give me a boost, and changed my tire, along with a nice police officer.

    When I got back to the office, my boss took me to Western Auto, and paid for a new battery, and tire!!! As a single parent...and making very little money on that job...I just couldn't afford another thing to happen. I was totally grateful to her, and have always regretted not being able to stay in that position d/t the pay. Which she had totally no control over. It was during one of my burnout times, when I was tired of doing agency, and wanted a change.

    The pay was awful...but the people I worked with were awesome!!!

    I feel it is indeed a gift to being a great boss, and being able to spur others to give all they have in getting the job done!

    And as for people not realizing, that were they are...they have it pretty good....compared to other places. That would apply to where I am now. We have no more than 6 pts each on nites, and two nites this less...I had only 4 pts! Yet there are those here who feel the need to complain. I think folks should take a good look around...and count their blessings!
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  6. by   GPatty
    I can only hope and pray that someday I have a boss who is even close to being like that...
    The Job im currently at (Yes the one between the rock and the hard place) Well after my first assignment at the hospital , one of my best Or Techs was envolved in a car accident , which left her para t-4 down, My Or supervisor wrote me an email informing me of Lisa's accident , I was moving from South Africa to Egypt and I told the supervisor that as soon as I got my home situated I would be back to cover Lisas' position until Lisa was able to come back , I spent 3 weeks at home unpacking and getting this straight to return to Nebraska in the dead of winter, Upon my return My supervisor had on the desk when I walked in a Bottle of Godiva Chocolate Liquor, my favorite. I had no idea I was the only one she had contacted to cover, she said that she knew I would fly 32 hours and not have a problem covering someone elses duties to make sure her postion stays open but covered and she was right.... News of Lisa , My 3rd assignment , and Last
    Lisa is now moving 10 fingers and 10 toes and will be returning to the OR and work the desk , she is still wheelchair bound but with her will power Im sure she will be zooming through the OR again and walking... I would gladly do it again for ones I have worked with , I felt privaledged that my supervisor even considered me , and it felt even better to know that I was thought of so well and I was more thankful that Lisa suggested me in the first place , I learn so much when I come home, I love it and will continue to do so..
  8. by   bandaidexpert
    It's always nice to have a good boss. It makes getting up in the morning and going to work a less grueling experience.