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I've stayed broadly in one branch of nursing - cardiac rehabilitation - for almost my whole career. But I've managed to find variety by taking on different roles during that time. I've worked... Read More

  1. by   Chico David RN
    Alright, since correctional nursing has been mentioned a couple of times, I am going to just have to tell a true story that a nurse friend of mine told from her time as a prison nurse:
    There had been a brawl at the prison in which several inmates were badly injured, mostly stab wounds. One of them she was helping to treat had multiple stab wounds in various places. His arms had several tattoos with the names of women - different women's names. As they continued to undress him, they found more tattooed women's names - all different. He'd obviously been busy. Finally removing the last of his clothes they found his penis tattoed with the words "Your name here".
  2. by   royhanosn
    I agree! working in the jails, then the psych wards...something new everyday! no family whining!
    as mentioned rpevious...a nurse, needs permission from the dr to talk to the family! Tell it like it is, only with dr
  3. by   Texan_Gal
    Wow, this is a great discussion, one that solidifies the fact that nursing is a fabulous profession! My best nursing position I ever had was when I resided near the North Carolina coast. One of my colleagues, who was a case manager working for an employee wellness program, was going on maternity leave and needed someone to cover her caseload. Since I had just graduated from my master's program & wasn't working full-time, I took on the assignment.

    Basically, my job was to drive from one hosital to another, assessing hospital employees that had signed up for this employee wellness program. I had an absolute BLAST! I spent the majority of my time at a medical center situated literally only a few feet away from the beaches of the Atlantic coast. When I followed-up with the employees, I'd sometimes meet them at the beach & walk with them while providing counseling to improve their specific health outcomes. It was fantastic!

    Although I only worked for the wellness program for 3 months, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of everyday. I was autonomous, worked with a relatively healthy population & got a chance to spend nearly everyday walking the North Carolina beaches. Talk about a dream job!
  4. by   NurseChao
    I only experienced 2 jobs so far. 1st was when i was a private nurse. a very good pay and offer and now, im in a nursing review center and I'm responsible for the skills enhancement training BLS. I really like it here since i get to meet different people and character. I get to travel to different areas in Cebu and Visayas. and meeting the lead instructor for the training is a highlight. We have developed a friendship that is worth promoting for..
  5. by   vinnz21
    me too i have best nursing job ever, as a dialysis technician and now taking care of my relative with kidney failure, i experience this job as my best nursing ever, i mean nursing others is a good point on it. This just the fruit and success i have ever made, back on dialysis technician training is such a very exciting ever, i hope i can used this in the future to help others because this is my best nursing job ever.
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  6. by   msbfree
    This has been so great and encouraging, I think I'm going to cry!
  7. by   wacondo
    My BEST job ever was public health nursing working as a "shelter nurse". I worked with the homeless in treatment centers,Single mothers and children(homeless) and homeless shelters.
    Unfortunately the funding was cut. People spend more $ on stray dogs and cats rather then humans.
    Fortunately for me I am working for the Fed. gov-better pay and benefits-still nursing for the disinfranchised,poorest of the poor in this country.
    I feel blessed.
  8. by   Guppy
    My best Nursing job EVER was working with HIV/AIDS. It was a family type atmosphere and I loved it. Everyone worked extremely well together and cared about each other.
  9. by   whitneyLOL
    SUCH a touching, and well-written article
  10. by   DZaucha
    Very inspiring! I can't wait to start my career!