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I am an RN

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  1. ...that is completely WACKO...old school here and we had to do it on a life sized doll...tell your instructor to go to Macys or whereever to get one...no way would my classmates have been touching me...what the H...geez whats next
  2. Guppy

    LVNs training RNs???

    ...sorry I disagree with all who said that it is ok for an LPN to train an RN..in most facilities RN's have different responsibilities than LPNs..look I am not saying that LPN's do not...different scope of practice.
  3. Guppy

    can't get a job

    I work in the US and my hospital laid off a couple hundred nurses earlier this year..hence we are now short and they are not hiring..even before the lay off charge nurses and sometimes management has patient assignments..
  4. Guppy

    Nurses who work with the police?

    I had the opportunity to train through my hospital and you dont have to have ER experience. Experience is mandatory though. Good luck
  5. Guppy

    Nurses who work with the police?

    Well with my SANE position (sexual assault) I have ALOT of interaction with the police with statements and evidence ect. As far as I am aware there is no RN's at Police stations. In the States there are intake nurses that processes all sick prisoners that the cops bring in (diabetics ect). I still work in Oncology and I love the differences in each job. But again you do need experience for those jobs.
  6. Guppy

    My Best Nursing Job Ever

    My best Nursing job EVER was working with HIV/AIDS. It was a family type atmosphere and I loved it. Everyone worked extremely well together and cared about each other.
  7. Guppy

    Nurses who work with the police?

    There are a few jobs out there. I am a sexual assault nurse we work with the Police/Detective Division. I am based in the ER at my hospital. There is a programme in Toronto that the Nurse will go out with the police on call that involved a mentally ill person. Well there also is Correctional Nursing. You will have to have experience as an RN first. There is also Correctional Nursing as well. But if you are talking about being based in a Police Station...I haven't ever heard of any. Good luck.
  8. Guppy

    More RN's being cut in Ontario

    ...look all this happened mid 90's...it will turn around you just have to be willing to take whatever is offered right now. For the new nurses this is the time to try the different types of nursing and get some experience behind your belt. It might not be where you end up or on the shift you want but when the economy turns around so will the hiring freeze/layoffs. Well there you have it my 2 cents..Good Luck.
  9. Guppy

    new family of wife & son Iam a RPN

    I would recommend that you upgrade to RN if you are thinking about leaving the country. At my hospital here in the US they dont hire RPN's....but then with the economy they are not even hiring RN's..
  10. Guppy

    Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners

    ....the hospital I work at in PA has a similar type SANE programme we have "regular" RN jobs and submit 40 hours of on call for SANE every 6 weeks
  11. Guppy

    Next step on my path from med-surg to SANE?

    ...talk to the person in charge of the SANE programme at your hospital. I am a SANE nurse at my hospital and I am on call 40hrs every 6 weeks. I work full time on the Oncology floor. Very rewarding.
  12. Guppy

    How do you wash your scrubs?

    ..OK I have had scrubs for over 13 years and you can hardly tell they are that old...I wash mine in HOT water and depending what is on them when I come home..I wash them again and then I shower under HOT water as well...oh yeah and get a second pair of shoes..just in case someone pees on them...I cant tell you how many times that has happened to me...welcome to the profession
  13. Guppy

    Vent - Business sense and the nurse.

    I am an experienced RN and I can tell you alot of new nurses expect premium shifts and expect to start full time days right out of school...when I started it was nights and whatever was left over and you were glad of the shifts. I have had the experience that some of the new nurses on my floor call in for time off regularily. They are graduating nursing school very entitled....I have actually been asked why I get paid more than they do...go figure....My facility recently underwent a downsizing and I applied for one position as my first choice and the other nurse(3 years exp) applied for another position but did nt get it...she called me and also went to the vice p to ask her why she did not get my position which was her SECOND choice and she needed an explaination as to why I was hired for my first choice. I tell you .....
  14. Guppy

    Sick to my stomach

    ...welcome to the world of nursing...so you can't possibly know everything or in a few years you will not remember every single thing you learn't in school...on the positive side it does not mean you got those 30 questions wrong...keep your chin up. GOOD LUCK and welcome to nursing.
  15. Guppy

    BScPN - Pysch nursing in Canada!! Q's

    ...as an experienced RN who has worked med/surg and Psych both in the US and Canada what they are teaching in the classroom and what happens on the floor are sometimes two different things. If you are a new grad work in med/surg first so you perfect your skills for a few years then transition over to Psych. Sometimes Psych nurses get "pigeon holed" and then if you change jobs or get laid off it can be very intimidating going back to a med/surg floor. You can always complete your Psych Certification after a few years. Been there done that. Best of luck. Psych nurses do ROCK!!!! Guppy
  16. Guppy

    New to county jail nursing

    ...don't believe everything you hear and be aware of your surroundings at all times and never give out personal information even to other staff within hearing range of inmates. Loved when I worked in the jail and yes you learn a WHOLE lot. You get out of it what you put into it. Have fun and be safe.