MUST have been a man's idea...

  1. As a nursing student, I am required to wear white scrubs when I work in the hospital. Most of the time, that is ok, and I am just very thankful that we dont have to wear uniforms, but today it is raining!!! My scrubs are made out of pretty thick cotton, visa treated, and are comfortable, but when they get wet, I might as well be wearing plastic wrap! You can see right through them. Plus, once a month, the ABSOLUTE LAST thing I want to do is wear white pants!!!! Must have been a man's idea I dont think one woman would start that trend. Flo wore dark blue and black... I think she had the right idea

    I think, when I graduate, I am going to tie-dye my white sets...

    I have to work in CCU/ICU tonight from 6-10, tomorrow I think I am going to go invest in a rain-coat. And umbrella only works so well

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  3. by   frustratedRN
    no i just think it compiments the colors we come in contact with every day.
    white shows off the red color of blood better than any other color.
    white also looks great with yellow urine stains.
    and what better color to go with brown.

    my uniforms always look especially attractive.
    to compliment my white today was a pretty color pink from meds in a g tube gone bad. it was lovely.
    if we wore blue scrubs like the docs wed never be able to show our true colors.
  4. by   BrandyBSN

    Never thought about it like that, but YEAH! It must be white so that we can be fashionably color coordinated with whatever body-fluid-accessory the patients give us that day

    I personally prefer to be covered in PeptoBismol... nice pretty pink color

  5. by   el
    Even better, where I work the anti-microbial soap, stains our white uniforms. The other day I used the foot pedal to soap my hands and the nozzle was clogged, I squirted the soap all over my front. I took it to the dry cleaner to see if he could get the stain out, even he couldn't. It is some sort of chemical reaction with the soap and whatever you use to wash your uniform with, it makes a big rust brown color stain. Just beautiful!
  6. by   MaineNurse67
    You would suspect that I would be immediately attracted by the anti-male tone to this message.... LOL.

    I want you to know... I insist that my staff wear only colored scrubs... any color, any style... of course, I do work in a dementia facility... so the colors help with the interactions with the residents. One would be surprised at the difference that colors make when interacting with dementia residents. I have witnessed it with my very own eyes... we have one nurse... no offense... but she is from the "old school" and insists on wearing all white... the residents are always reacting differently toward her. They are very uncooperative with her and act like they are scared... it has actually been proven that white is not a good color for dementia residents... they tend to not see the color white and only see a head and hands coming at them... can you imagine how scary that would be?? (and you have no idea what this nurse looks like!!! )

    So, think of that the next time you are putting on your white uniform... especially if you are dealing with dementia patients... wear some make up and do your hair, so the head that is floating toward them is at least attractive!

    And, always remember... I am a nurse... a male nurse... so I have grown immune to male bashing! Just one of the girls, here!

    Have a great day!
  7. by   donmurray
    But white represents purity,viginity, cleanliness! (and death, in some cultures!)
  8. by   catlady
    Interesting comments, Maine nurse. I am a unit manager in a LTC facility (not strictly dementia, but we have our share), and the corporate owners have just come down with a new, very restrictive dress code for all their homes. CNAs and licensed staff are going back to mostly white. The therapists and social workers are being forced to put on white lab coats. It does no good to protest that this is totally regressive, as most facilities like their staffs to tone down the hospital-white look, in the interest of promoting a home-like atmosphere. Most of my nurses and CNAs wear very attractive printed scrubs and look very professional, and now they're going to have to get rid of their clothes and get into 1960s uniforms.

    I think it's a few bad apples who practice poor hygiene and poor choice in clothing that have spoiled it for the rest. If corporate would just enforce the dress code we already have, there'd be no need for this. I think I'm going to copy your post anyway, just to see the reaction. But the policy's not coming from my administrator or my DNS, but from their bosses, so it won't do any good.
  9. by   MaineNurse67
    Wow.... you are correct... a big step back.

    I work at a dementia focused facility and have a sister facility that deals strictly with Alzheimer's patients. The folks at the Alzheimer's Center do all of our dementia education. They are like the experts in the field and go to all the training sessions across the country. They bring back tons of interesting tidbits, such as the one that I shared earlier.

    I will try to see if I can find you some more "solid" information on this subject. I know that it is out there, but finding it may be a challenge.

    White uniforms are not a good choice for dementia residents. A proven fact.

    You should do some research and present it to your management. It is certainly worth a shot. And, how can your staff afford to go out and buy all new uniforms!!?? Geesh! That is an expensive venture. Is the facility assisting with that cost? If not, they should.

    Good luck... and if you need any help... give me a yell...

  10. by   BlueBear
    We have NO CHOICE on my floor. Nurses wear white and techs wear green. End of story. According to my nurse manager, the patients like it better this way because at least they know who the nurse is. Baloney!!! I am trying to transfer to another unit and can't wait to actually wear real colors again!!!
  11. by   MaineNurse67
    Move to Maine... we will let you wear any colored scrubs you like!

    Hee hee... Tim
  12. by   samrn32
    nurses throughout our hospital wear royal blue other staffing
    groups have their own colors. we had previously had 3 colors
    to choose from as well as printed tops but this was of course
    abused and a lot of people wore what ever they wanted. i'm
    just thankful we are not wearing white. we occasionally hear
    comments from administration that our patients would rather
    see us in white and have trouble recognizing the nurse
    i always introduce myself to my patients as " your nurse"
    if they cant remember it's not my fault. also i don't tell them
    what to wear at their jobs they shouldn't tell me.
  13. by   TracyB,RN
    My hubby's gram is currently at a subacute LTC for rehab after
    her CVA. Get this, the nurses wear all white AND CAPS!!! Yikes.
    It wouldn't be bad if half of them would just wash the damn things, or spend the 6 bux to buy a clean one once in a while.
  14. by   frustratedRN

    what the heck were those caps anyway?
    they didnt hold your hair in place. they just decorated your head.
    anybody know where that cap thing came from?

    i used to work with two nurses that refused to give up the caps. i could never get a straight answer from either of them when i asked why.

    i think we should wear one of those rotating lights on our heads like the kmart bluelights but maybe in red.