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Hi everybody, I have a question and PLEASE dont anybody blast me for typecasting, this was not MY statement, it was a LCSW I was friends with. She claims that a huge % of nurses are first born... Read More

  1. by   shelly304
    Only child, have no children. Small family w/ three aunts who had no children. So I have no cousins! No ETOH on either side. I have been clean and sober since 1989. (Mom could never figure out where I got the "gene"!
  2. by   hrobrnc
    Hi I am 1st born no etoh with Dad.
  3. by   hrobrnc
    Hi to jmgrn65--- love the dog pic . looks just like my cav
  4. by   sbenning5
    Hmm, first born, no ETOH with Dad.
  5. by   GadgetRN71
    Oldest and my dad is an alcoholic...
  6. by   Atheos
    First born male Father alcoholic/junkie, Never was the family caregiver. ETOH and drugs run through the family.
  7. by   shoegalRN
    Interesing thread.

    I'm not a nurse yet, but I am entering my last year of nursing school in August. I am the oldest, and my father was an alcoholic, my mother suffered from clinical depression. I'm used to having to "take care" of others, I've been doing it since I was 10 years old, taking care of my younger brothers and sister.

    Also, mental illness and addiction run on BOTH sides of the family, so yes, I come from a very dysfunctional family, but I've isolated myself to only my immediate family because I don't like the choas and drama my extended family brings. Although I function well in crisis, I prefer to live a peaceful life, so I avoid conflict, negative drama, and confortation when I can. I'd rather squash it and come with a solution before it gets to the point of dislike or distain for either person involved.

    So, I guess it's some truth to this theory in my opinion.
  8. by   obicurn
    Very interesting indeed. My story:
    2nd or 3rd born depending on how you look at it. Very dysfunctional family. Dumped on grandparents as a baby. Mom left the state and Dad was a junkie/alcoholic. No affection in our family at all and I was one that had to raise myself. Also first in the entire family to go to college and actually stick with it.
  9. by   jlcole45
    First born and family caretaker - ETOH mom.
  10. by   Jules A
    First born, almost exclusive caretaker of brother 5 years younger. I wish this was set up in poll form because it would be great to see the %.
  11. by   CseMgr1
    Youngest of two sisters. Maternal grandmother died of alcoholic cirrhosis at the age of 58 41 years ago this month. Her third husband (my Mother's Stepfather) was also an alcoholic who died nine years later and is currently barking in hell for molesting my sister when she was a child. :angryfire
  12. by   Williss2
    I am the first born female. My father is not so much into alcohol as he is drugs. I wonder if that counts. I am a very caring person, and I am often the one who understand where people are coming from.
  13. by   Peggyfaye
    Oldest of 4 as an army brat. No ETOH, my sister 2nd born a nurse anesthesiologist.