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In general, what is your favorite diagnosis to take care of? I liked Tricyclic OD's (cause they could really crash sneaky and fast); unstable GI bleeds, acute respiratory failure, acute asthmatics... Read More

  1. by   LilgirlRN
    They have hospitals in enchanted lands?
  2. by   Cascadians
    Yes, they even have a news-worthy nurse-striking hospital in this beautiful lovely emerald rolling land
  3. by   Rottie1
    In the OR we don't do much long term care to form an opinion of best and worst dx to care for. But in the OR I love to do Craniotomies! Any thing where I can see the exposed brain is really awesome. If I had to choose a dx, I also like to see wounds, when they come to the OR for debridement on a regular basis, and we can see the extent of the progress.
    worst would be psych, I also don't have any use for psych patients. Not to mention in the cardiac surgery, mostly because I would rather not deal with the cardiac surgeons.
  4. by   egmillard
    My fav patients are those having just had a heart transplant, a happy time, and pretty cool people, and patients with the LVAD heartmate, very interesting. People with electrophysiology problems also

    My worst, demanding and difficult patients and their families, the condition doesnt matter. The sort of patient or family that gives you a big headache at the end of the day
  5. by   janmae1950
    The post about the foreign bodies in the rectal area reminded me of when my sister worked in the emergency room of a local hospital.

    One evening a teenager around 14-15 was brought in to the ER by his parents and they were obviously very embarrassed by the trip. Seems their son got a vibrator stuck up his rear end. To make matters worse, he was unable to turn it off so it was a-buzzin' for some time till the staff was able to work on him.
  6. by   Uptoherern
    LEAST favorite; anyone who still cries and calls for "mommy!" past the age of 14. don't care what the diagnosis is...

    Favorite: probably fresh mi's in the er...getting them set up for cath lab, rush, rush. and then hearing that they've been discharged home after the hospital stay.
  7. by   mjamesRN
    Bipolar drugseekers wear me thin -- always on the bell.

    But, try having 3 or four spazzing TURPS in one slot with CBIs going at different rates...
  8. by   NursiePooh
    Most FAVORITE DX??? ooooooooooooo i just LOVVVVVEEEEEEEE
    a good wound. Not the decub kind, but the sawed off finger, or the S/P MVA with through and through lacerations.

    also ( I know i'm gonna get laughed at) I love the ETOH detox patients. OHHH when they get combattive and you have to leather them!!!! WOOOHOOOO you're in for a wild ride and a fight with the docs until they order lethal doses of ativan then they say "SCREW IT" Vec 'em and tube '

    LEAST favorite??? Dementia patients. God help me, i'm in long term care now. LOL Thank goodness i'm in Staff Development, and not in direct "RESIDENT" care!!! LOL
  9. by   Magicat
    I think Personalities are a huge percentage of our "like/dislikes"!!!!
  10. by   nursejws
    PLEASE tell me what ETOH means? I've done real well figuring out most of the lingo.
  11. by   mjamesRN
    ETOH is the chemical name for Alcohol, of which I think I'll have another glass of after this horrific day at work -- LOL
  12. by   eagleRN
    MOST FAVORITE DX: Alzheimers--they're either lovers or fighters, and can change day to day. They keep me on my toes physically, and mentally as well. Who couldn't love a geri pt. streaming by in a w/c just looking for someone to give her a hug, or the little man that just knows how to give your butt a little pinch and then smile. I love my Geri's.

    Worst Dx: Any dx that leads to death in the convalescent center, and no family comes to visit.
  13. by   eagleRN
    I love ortho pts. what's wrong with a broken bone?
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