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Okay, I need everyone's help/ suggestions for morning sickness! (aside from the saltine crackers) One of my co workers is newly pregnant (about 3 weeks) and having "morning sickness" everyday until... Read More

  1. by   Aussienurse2
    Give birth Of course them you have to deal with periods again

    I never had any luck with getting rid of the nausea, but a nice cold piece of watermelon took the foul taste away.
    My remedy is the best: birth control.
  3. by   PerkyCardiacRN
    Those sea bands did nothing but leave decubitus-looking sores on the insides of my wrists.

    What worked for me was Peppermint Life Savers (the only time I would not have one in my mouth was when I was eating a meal or sleeping), Chelmsford Golden Ginger Ale, ginger snap cookies, and root beer.

    I did, however, land in the ER once for IV fluids and ended up taking Phenergan (PO & PR) and Compazine.
  4. by   sunnybrook83
    I feel for your friend- I puked 24 hrs /day with 2of 3 pregnancies.
    Things I found to help- popsicles, slushies and Lipton chicken noodle cup of soup. The soup was suggested by an OB I worked with- he said worked great- I was really skeptical, but tried it and it did stay down. he though it had something to do with hi salt and no fat. Nothing cures the morning sickness but delivery, however focus on finding foods to stay down and maintain hydration. I tried qthing- sea bands ( made my wrists sore and didn't help), acupressure, ginger, crackers, etc....Good luck to your friend and a happy, healthy baby!
  5. by   delirium
    Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER
    My remedy is the best: birth control.
    I have an awesome remedy: lesbianism.

    Originally posted by delirium
    I have an awesome remedy: lesbianism.

    Even better! :chuckle
  7. by   delirium
    I just have to keep reminding my lesbian sistahs to stay away from the fargin' sperm banks.

    That renders my remedy null and void.
  8. by   colleen10
    I once heard that morning sickness can be curbed by taking lots of Calcium. Something about how your body uses Calcium up at night while you're sleeping and so, when you wake up you have low levels and this contributes to the morning sickness.

    To combat this you should take a Calcium supplement before you go to bed at night.

    I don't know many pregnant people so I don't know anyone who has tried it, but I would be interested to see if anyone else out there, especially OB nurses have ever heard of this too.
  9. by   semstr
    SEA-Bands and chewing little pieces of ginger.
  10. by   neneRN
    Thank you everybody for all of your replies- I'm gonna print this out for her- something's gotta work, right?!
  11. by   mert
    Morning sickness!! Ah, the memories!
    The first thing I did was BAN THE FRYING PAN!! The odour of anything fried set me right off. Saltines, gingerale and apple juice.(Munch here, munch there, but never "over do" it.)
  12. by   SnowymtnRN
    Isn't it funny how something different worked for everybody? My ex-boss swore by Cheetohs. LOL She said something in them make her feel SO much better. made me PUKE!

    What worked for me was ginger capsules you can buy at the HFS. And making a slushie out of 7-up and ice. its true tho if you can TRY to eat and drink thru it it won't be as bad. Bunches of small meals. Toast, crackers, 7-up, sprite, ginger tea, ginger ale, ginger capsules, lemon drops...heck i sucked on lemons for 2 mths straight. It sucks, but its just part of it.

    just tell her when it gets bad to remember that's a good sign of a great baby growing in there! Morning sickness is basically progesterone poisoning according to my doc. lol

    Good luck and healthy mom and baby vibes!!