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  1. sunnybrook83

    disturbing article in Wall Street Journal

    The facility I work at has meditech also. I work PACU and do not have experience with E-mar, however, we have glitches in the program that are so frustrating- screens freezing and not allowing you to access the interventions you want to document on. They've had meditech for 10-15 years now. We are building a new hospital- I asked them if we're getting a new charting system as well (realizing that when they purchased it, options were limited)..... No answer. There has to be a better program out there that doesn't require 9 different screens to document a basic PACU admission assessment.
  2. sunnybrook83

    RN to BSN online

    I found SRU by sheer luck, after years of looking at different programs, taking prerequisite classes for Excelsior. I'm enrolled in SRU's program, entering my 2nd semester. Took 9 credits my first semester (I work 20 hrs/wk), very doable. Taking 12 next semester, 6 over the summer and 12 in the fall and I"ll be done! No problems with technology- the first class may overwhelm for the first couple weeks, until you adjust to Blackboard, but then it's a breeze. No time on campus, clinical hours done in your own area. And they are limited. For the Assessment class you need 30 hrs with a CRNP and then a video of you doing a complete H&P submitted with a writeup. For the casemanagement class 42 hrs of clinical with a case manager. The other two clinical reqs are group interaction (you can observe meetings at work) and a community health project that is done with your class online. Good response from instructors when emailed with questions, and they list both office and home numbers on their syllabi so you can reach they when you need to. Worth looking into if you're still searching for a program. One catch- once you enroll at SRU you can't take any classes at a 2 yr college and need permission for other 4 yr schools. Be sure that your liberal arts courses are done prior to enrolling. They do accept Act/pep and Cleps. Becky
  3. sunnybrook83

    Working shifts-is this legal?

    When you leave (notice I said when, not if), make sure you let them know the reason why. If nothing else, you may help out future staff. good luck!
  4. sunnybrook83


    Allow yourself to grieve. You are a person with feelings and the loss of a child at any time is difficult. When I worked L&D, I dreaded the demises, but it is a part of the job, and may be the most important part of the job in supporting those parents. When I was 32 wks pregnant with my third child, a staff member from my OB's office was 36 wks. She came in one morning when I was working because the baby had been really active the day before, but hadn't moved for about 12 hrs. We thought (wishful thinking perhaps) that we found the FHR, but MHR was elevated and we couldn't be sure. The hardest thing I had to do was go in with the OB after the US and tell her her child was dead. I cried before I went in- another nurse offered to relieve me so I didn't have the stress. I left it up to the pt, having me (pregnant belly) or she could have another nurse. She chose me. She didn't deliver during my shift. I cried all that evening and woke up the next morning crying somemore. I wanted to call off sick. My husband, knowing how upset I was, supported me, but said, "is she expecting you to come in?" Answer was yes, and he said you need to be there for her. So in I went, crying the whole way, praying the whole way. She had delivered during the night, and they had done all the bath and pictures so I wouldn't have to. I took care of this pt and her family, crying with at times and supporting at others. They thanked me as they left, and wished me luck with my pregnancy. Moral of the story- someone needs to be there for these pts- if you're upset it means you're human and you're feeling their pain also. It's not easy to cope with, but talk with your coworkers, manager, grief counselor- you will find ways to cope. You are being given an opportunity to nurse someone at the time they need it most- seize it. Just remember to take care of yourself also.
  5. sunnybrook83

    MMR booster during menstrual period?

    I doesn't have to be given during your period, they probably just want to be sure you are not pregnant, and this is their way of covering themselves without having to do a pregnancy test on you. Good luck in clinicals.
  6. sunnybrook83

    MDS/LTC nurses, need help re: RAP

    Thanks for all your input. We did end up transferring mom to a home in a neighboring state. The new home said can't believe mom would be denied in the original state, that they will have no problem getting her qualified. so her future is settled (I hope). Now, we just have to fight with the old home to get the correct assessment sent in so the bills there will be taken care of. (And so help me, if it comes back approved from the original state, I'll have to have a temper fit at the old home just for putting us through this!! ) Thanks again!!!
  7. sunnybrook83

    MDS/LTC nurses, need help re: RAP

    Initially, she was placed for continued rehab, and when that was no longer needed, we did receive the notification of no further medicare payment and made the appropriate app to medicaid. Did the spend down, etc... but because the home did not get the info in on time, it has been initially denied- am in the appealing process. But they (the home) are telling us that because mom can walk, she'll be denied by the physician review board, despite the fact that she has dementia. She is oriented half the time to place and person, time is variable. But to events, nada. You can visit her in the am, and if someone asks in the afternoon if anyone's been in to see her, she says no. Is not capable of self medicating due to this condition (the reason we had moved her in with family prior to the cva). She doesn't even recall having had a stroke or being in the hospital. Due to work, families, etc... no family member is able to care for her at home, and I have my doubts about the safety of that anyway. She's off balance at times in gait, doesn't eat, dress, wash, etc... unless specifically directed, and has mood swings. If you can provide any more input, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks for your help so far!!
  8. sunnybrook83

    MDS/LTC nurses, need help re: RAP

    HELP! We had to place my mother in a LTC facility 2 months ago after suffering a mild stroke which has exacerbated her severe short term memory loss. She has almost fully recovered her physical deficits with the exception of some remaining left sided neglect. However, her short term memory loss (thinking Alzheimer's, labeled dementia) is becoming worse on essentially a daily basis. Not to mention the mood swings, not sleeping (napping) and wandering. The ltc center just now has sent her RAP to the UR for physician review. They are stating it will probably be denied reimbursement because she can walk!! That we will probably have to take her home (not a choice), or pay privately (funds not available). Number one- is it the norm for an assessment to take 2 months to be completed? Number two- is there no area on the RAP for mental status/assessment? Any input, suggestions or help will be greatly appreciated!! This is not my area of expertise, and I'm at my wit's end! Thank-YOU!
  9. sunnybrook83

    Changing jobs

    You have to do what is best for you. Go in, talk to the DON or HR at your current facility, give them the facts (better hours, an actual life with your spouse, etc...) and tell them that while you appreciate them hiring you, this position is too good for you to turn down. Who knows, maybe they'll offer you something better to keep you. Good luck.
  10. sunnybrook83

    Side effects of spinal anesthesia

    Is he on any new meds that he wasn't on before? Pain meds? Especially morphine? Can cause urinary retention. (Check for duramorph in the spinal.) Good luck- hope he can pee on his own soon!
  11. sunnybrook83

    Feeling like I blew it!

    Just because you panicked with your own child does not mean you will be a terrible nurse!! It is different with your own child. Some nurses over-react, some under-react. Main thing- remember your ABC's, then you will be able to decide whether you need to panic or not!! eek: There is a reason they suggest you not take care of a family member if you are working in a hospital- part of it is making a rational reaction in emergency situation. Good luck in school.
  12. sunnybrook83

    Black nurses VS. White nurses

    how about krispy kreme vs. dunkin donuts the presidents bush vs the presidents Adams :chuckle :rotfl:
  13. sunnybrook83

    Tonsillectomy preop teaching for kids

    Kids, gotta love em. If that had been an adult, they wouldn't have ridden a bike for weeks (myself included).
  14. sunnybrook83

    Tonsillectomy preop teaching for kids

    Thanks for the suggestion for posting in op area. I know the procedure, I'm just not used to explaining things using words that won't scare a kid to death. He has his ENT appt next Friday, so if I don't get any input here, I'll ask for some at the office. Thanks all.
  15. sunnybrook83

    Tonsillectomy preop teaching for kids

    HI, Looking at a possible T&A for my 6 yr old for obstructive sleep apnea. Does anyone know of any sites that explain it without using the words "cut". Have tried to explain it, saying they "remove" your tonsils-(so I don't freak him) and he wants to know what they remove them with!!! Any input from you experienced peds folks? Thanks!
  16. sunnybrook83

    Thoughts on Flu Shots

    I had gotten the flu shot for 11 years straight and remained relatively healthy. Didn't get it last year, because the year before my arm swelled, red, painful, turned the most lovely yellow-green after the redness left........Anyway ended up sick as a dog last year with the flu and every other bug the kids dragged home from school. Think I'll try it again this year, but will watch my arm closely!!