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  1. Hi, my name is Sammy, and I am 29 year old single mother who is starting an ADN program in the fall. I wanted to be a nurse when I was a little girl, but never thought I could do it. Something happened to change my mind and make me go for it a year ago. My mother was very sick, and the nurses who took care of her were just so sweet and kind to my whole family. It made me remember that I wanted to be a nurse. One of the nurses there told me that if that was what I wanted, I should go for it. When Mom died, the nurses were there to help us deal with her loss. I hope I can rely on some of you for the same kind of support.
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    Hello Sammy and welcome to the board!

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    Hello Sammy and welcome. I think that alot of people have good experiences with nurses and feel they want to do something good for someone else.

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    Welcome Sammy! Is your child a boy or girl and how old?
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    Two girls, 3 and 5. Divorced for about six months. The only good thing that came from that marriage was my babies.
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    Vitme Vs! (We welcome you!)

    May your journey here be a good one!
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    welcome sammysue!
    i'm new here too.
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    Welcome sammysue and KMLWA2003!!!

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    WELCOME to both of you newbies!!! hope you love this board as much as I do!!!
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    Howdy y'all...welcome to the board.
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    Glad to hear your following your dream, and welcome.
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    Welcome to the family! I must warn you though.....this site is EXTREMELY addicting!