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I hate saying "expired" for someone who is dead and I could also do without seeing "morbid obesity" or even obese in the chart. I know being overweight is a serious health issue, but those words... Read More

  1. by   Laughs-a-lot, RN
    How about that poor little lady with COPD that has "SOB". She seems sweet enough to me.
  2. by   Laughs-a-lot, RN
    Murse sounds like something from a Deuce Biggelo movie
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  3. by   nightmare
    We use the word ' garment' for briefs and 'declined ' for refused.Personally if I am phoning relatives about a death I usually say 'passed away'.
  4. by   kristenncrn
    Quote from maolin
    adult diapers -> incontinence briefs
    DNR -> AND (allow natural death)
    LOVE allow natural death. Thanks!!
  5. by   kristenncrn
    What a fun old thread!

    Just want to say that the day that I saw...

    "Pt. is a young, pleasant, mildly obese female who....." in my own medical chart sticks with me to this day!

    And I am "normal" weight now... and have to admit that the o-word is probably one of my main motivators to keep watching my diet, exercise and weighing myself.