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Laughs-a-lot, RN has 3 years experience and specializes in Med/Surg/Tele.

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  1. Laughs-a-lot, RN

    This is a 'sterile' dressing change?

    What i do is when I open my steril gauze packs, if one of them is bigger, I will drop the other into, so that they are open, but resting in a sterile package if that makes sense to you. Ours have some in peel open packets and some in plastic dish type packets that peel open on one side and can even hol sterile water in them for wet to drys. As long as you are wearing sterile gloves when you touch the actual sterile dressings.
  2. Laughs-a-lot, RN

    Is it possible to document too much?

    As far as that goes, I say save it for report. When charting the note, include what what said, what was done, what was the situation. Do not add any personal feelings to the note. The note can show how annoying and crazy said patient may be even by just stating facts only.
  3. Laughs-a-lot, RN

    Grr! "Customer Service" Nursing Gone Crazy!

    I agree totally. The other day, I've got a new admit, with a pelvic fx. I'm trying to hook her up to the telemetry and her had to 60 something yr old son is complaining to me about the tv controller not working properly. Inside I wanted to yell WHAT IS WRONG YOU YOU INSENSITIVE JERK, I WENT TO COLLEGE ALL THESE YRS TO FIX THE TV REMOTE, COULD I AT LEAST GET YOUR MOTHERS VITALS AND MAYBE SOME MORPHINE BEFORE YOU FLIP THROUGH THE MOVIE CHANNELS. Of course what I said was. Oh, I'm so sorry, I will have maintenance bring up a new one as soon as I'm done getting your mother settled in.
  4. Laughs-a-lot, RN

    scheduling NCLEX-RN exam

    wishing you the best of luck. I would wait to schedule your test until you finish your course and feel ready.
  5. Laughs-a-lot, RN

    Can other people smell a woman who has BV?

    I don't know about BV, but I can tell when my funky little patients haven't had decent peri-care
  6. Laughs-a-lot, RN

    Funny things that pts say

  7. Laughs-a-lot, RN

    Funniest real orders you have seen in a chart?

    my first experience with a pt's that passed away. I called security to come and pick up the body to take to the hospital morgue. I told the security officer, the pt will call me later with funeral home arrangements. He never let me live that one down.
  8. Laughs-a-lot, RN

    Funniest real orders you have seen in a chart?

    this is funny. the secretary had updated the kardex when she took off the order and wrote vital signs q shi_t, she was missing the f. we were all laughing in report that day.
  9. Laughs-a-lot, RN

    Most Embarassing Nursing Moments

    flight nurse 2b do you work at my hospital? we were told at orientation that we were not allowed to pop any popcaorn in the hospital microwaves and if we want popcorn we had to pop it at home first.
  10. Laughs-a-lot, RN

    Rudeness from EMTs and Paramedics

    I work at a hospital on a med surg floor, and don't get the pleasure of dealing with this, but has anyone ever heard of better safe than sorry anyway. We have alot of frequent flyers from ECF's and what some ignorant people may view as just a little dehydration can lead to hyperkalemia, leading to dysrhythmias and so on. I can't believe they would act that way. so sorry to hear this.
  11. Laughs-a-lot, RN

    AED Question

    My though, perhaps could there be a small burn to that area? Not for sure, however, I would rather live with a nipple burn than wait for someone to remove the piercing and die. It's only used in that situation and someones performing chest compressions in between applying pads, so I say leave it. Maybe they can post warnings at the piercing stores about possible effects if you need to be shocked, that would be pretty funny.
  12. Laughs-a-lot, RN

    Nurse's what's your New Year's resolutions?

    ORGANIZATION at home, maybe throw awy some of those care plans I worked so hard on in nursing school and now refuse to part with because of the intense effort. I think I need help
  13. I took out student loans, after graduation I consolidated all into 1 at a decent interest rate, talked to someone there and he gave me several repayment options. Of course I chose to have smaller mos payments over a longer time. No assistance where I work, but some hospitals have programs where you work where they will reimburse each class as long as you maintain a certain average. or even partial reimbursement.
  14. Laughs-a-lot, RN

    Posterior Vs. Anterior lung sound ausculation

    I have no hesitation to grab another nurse or a PCA and say hey can you help me turn this pt, I need to listen and take a peek. Also note when they are due for pain meds next, and choose that time to move them around more. Never be afraid to turn the pt, it's your license as well as their well being at stake, and sometimes you have medicate and 2-3 people help you carefully turn that little sweetie with the fx hip.
  15. Laughs-a-lot, RN

    Humiliating IV questions

    Luckily I am pretty good at IV's. Being said I think that for whatever reason some people just aren't and should feel no shame in asking someone else to help them out. Everybody has different strengths and weaknesses. I do know that I prefer to be sitting in a chair at the bedside when I start an IV because I feel I have more control. I am not leaning over them, I can have the bedside table right next to me, with everything ready to go and more easily rest the pt extremity on the bed or table in front of me. Also I have found that when using the sterile surg gloves they are thinner and fit more snugly giving me better control. And finally, when you are ready to advance the cath, go slowly, you can feel where it's going and you have control. Many time just by taking my time to feel it and insert it slowly, I am told, oh wow that didn't even hurt. There is also like a chain of command goig on in my unit, I know if I can't get this stick I go to either this person or that one.
  16. Laughs-a-lot, RN

    Aides and Nurses - Different Outlook, Lack of Understanding

    I have found that my techs or PCA's where I work have been a blessing from above. I make sure that if I need frequent vitals I remind them every so often, oh by the way did you remember to get the vitals for Mrs. so and so. I believe that if you have a mutual respect that makes a big difference. I have no hesitation if I'm asked to helpout with a boost, etc. And I will usually make it clear that if you need any help, let me know. Also, I will explain certain things, if there's a remrk made about what the big deal is for daily wts, etc. I will take a few seconds to explain the reasoning behind the chore. When someone understands why it is being done, they are more likely to comply with it. Also remember that they are busy also with their work, and maybe consider doing rounds together once a shift. You can go in the room, have an extra hand to turn the pt while you check their sacrum and listen to their lungs. While your in their you change the brief, or whatever, while you're assessing pt, Pca can get vitals, change trash, etc. And then you can move on to the ext pt room. Then when you sit down to chart, all of your pt are repositioned and comfy, and it will be easier for the PCA to answer call lights and keep up with other things.