March 31 and there are snow flurries. - page 2

Living in New England. It's been warm, sunny -- the crocus are blooming -- have even seem some daffodils in bloom. WHY have we had on/off SNOW flurries since last night? I know there's no... Read More

    I worked like a madwoman all weekend, and vaguely remember my hubby saying this morning that there was snow outside.

    I just got up an hour or so ago, and it's a beautiful sunny day.

  2. by   PennyLane
    The snow yesterday was just WRONG. We had a big winter as it was, without more cold moving in.

    It's in the 30s today...but beautiful! Should be in the 70s by Wednesday.

    Susan- at least you weren't up in Vermont. They got 8 inches over the weekend.
  3. by   yodakelly
    excellent work sleeping through it. i should have tried that. less depressing to not have to see it, even if my flowers are still dead.
  4. by   valk
    In like a lion & out like a snowy white lamb.
  5. by   Ortho_RN
    It is gonna be close to 90 on Wed.. Not ready for summer.. I want more Spring... Like today in the 70s
  6. by   Tiiki
    Hi, here in Ontario, I am about 3hrs north of the NY border, We had a touch of flurries yesterday. I was so very depressed!! It has been wonderfully warm, to the point of me wearing my spring jacket!! -9C today. They "predict" (don't you love that word?) that it shall warm up again....I'm hoping. I am actually seeing grass on my front lawn!

    Cheers to Spring
  7. by   BadBird
    This weather sure is weird. Here in Pittsburgh we just had a few flurries but bitterly cold and windy!!!! Oh well, my spa will be delivered on Friday and I will be in it as soon as the water heats up to 102 degrees, let it snow I don't care, Hahahaha
  8. by   nursemouse
    All of you snow-persons, please drive carefully! We need you in the world.:kiss
  9. by   Little One2
    Today, in Toronto, we had scattered flurries. The sun tried shining the clouds. It was also freezing.

    The traffic was busy. I had just decided to go back to work in the community.. the thought of driving in the snow doesn't appeal to me.

    Tomorrow is April - hopefully it will be spring!!