Mandatory Meetings :( - page 2's the deal...I have to work tonight 12 hrs, then get off @ 7am..kill an hour, then go to a mandatory 'customer service' meeting from 8am til' the HECK am I going to stay awake???... Read More

  1. by   MandyInMS
    Well...I went to the @#$%! meeting as did our whole shift..some of us drooled a speaker asked me if I was ok at one point and I anounced in front of everyone that several of us had worked ALL night before..she was like OMG..I'm so sorry I didn't know...the DON and the Administrator were BOTH at this meeting..I think they got the point..not that I hadn't already griped to the DON about it...I went to this one...but I won't be doing that craziness again...only if they can schedule on a day off, or at least after a little SLEEP!
  2. by   Gompers
    I don't think it's legal for the hospital to make you do that. You ended up working a 20 hour shift, according to the time clocks. Isn't that illegal? I'd have refused to go, and if they tried to fire me for it, I think I'd get a lawyer involved or the state board of nursing. There is NO WAY they can make you do that. They should have offered the meeting on either multiple days or multiple shifts. I'd call in an anonymous report, honestly.

    Do you think they'd have day shift work 7a-7p, then stick around for a meeting that didn't get out until after 4am??? PUH-LEASE!!!

  3. by   FROGGYLEGS
    Oooh boy; I love these kind of meetings.
    Seriously it has gotten to where we have a mandantory meeting weekly. Many people complained to corporate about this and other things last year. Corporate must have chewed them out pretty well because all of a sudden we each got a memo with our paycheck. The memo was a "plan for improvement" from the facility.

    There were a ton of things they were to improve upon and one was providing meeting times that would accomodate weekenders, night shift, and 2nd shift.

    For a while they brought their sorry tails in at varying hours to hold these meetings. Now the meetings are one day/week with one scheduled time. The time varies a bit, but is ALWAYS during day shift. I wonder who is providing nursing care to the patients during the meetings, but I suppose they leave the CNAs to take care of everything for an hour or two.

    It is a rare event that I attend one of their mandantory meetings. I only do it when it is reasonably convenient for me. So far nobody has said a word about it.
  4. by   bcelzo
    got email?
  5. by   BHolliRNMS
    When I worked at a state facility for the adult mentally retarded, I was expected to work all nite, attend a meeting from 8am to 12 pm then report back to work that nite. Now that I am the one scheduling meetings, I accomodate all shifts.
    ps I don't work there anymore.
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    that's what i am talking about bholli....

    voting w/the feet works if they won't work with ya.
  7. by   NursesRmofun
    Most of the mandatory meetings I have ever heard of or gone to before

    never lasted more than an hr. or so. What they asked of you was ridiculous and

    unfair IMO.
  8. by   zenman
    Don't go and remind them of potential liability on their part should you fall asleep and kill yourself and others on the way home.
  9. by   Tweety just reminded me I missed a meeting this morning that was mandatory. Plus my committee meeting that was at 1pm.

    Sooner or later they are going to quit asking me to attend these silly things. I just look at them and say "yeah right, I'll be there".