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  1. I have heard that male Rn's have a higher starting salary? Any truth to this?
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  3. by   G to The P
    If males had higher salary, that would be sexist discrimination I think. Pretty sure that is false never heard of that.
  4. by   nursemike
    Quote from bjmarthin1986
    I have heard that male Rn's have a higher starting salary? Any truth to this?

    Well, possibly...
    I've heard that male nurses, on average, earn more than female nurses. This could be true. It's possible men are more drawn to facilities offering higher wages--a higher proportion of women might make starting pay a lower priority than other considerations, such as location.
    It's possible, too, that men are more inclined to negotiate a higher rate than the first offer--but I suspect that's more relevant to experienced nurses. A nurse with several years experience, especially in areas of specialization that are in high demand, can often negotiate a higher wage than base starting pay. It's possible men are more agressive and/or successful in such negotiations.
    It's also apparently true that men are more likely to gravitate toward higher-paying positions in management, etc.
    I don't know whether there is any favoritism toward hiring/promoting males.

    At my facility, newly hired GNs all make the same base starting pay, regardless of gender. On the other hand, with weekend and shift differentials, I make more than some more experienced nurses working straight dayshifts. But a female with the same experience, working the same hours, would make the same pay.
  5. by   TazziRN
    No way, not unless each male nurse was sworn to secrecy.
  6. by   TiffyRN
    My husband is an RN. I know what he has made all along the way for the past 5 years. He started at the standard new GN rate and has only had the 2-4% annual eval raises and the across the board raises occasionally given in our hospital system.
  7. by   MrChicagoRN
    Quote from TazziRN
    No way, not unless each male nurse was sworn to secrecy.

    We have been...

    Actually, it's not true.

    Like it was said before,

    Men more likely to specialize in higher paid areas, generally don't interupt their careers to raise families. Men may tend to take one job over another based on salary than a woman is.

    Also, regarding men vs women pay: It was in the news today that men are more likely to negotiate salary offers. I haven't seen any data whether this applies in nursing too.

    Every HR person wants to hire the person at the lowest possible fair salary they can.

    It's your job to try to squeeze that extra $.50 out of them that will then serve to fuel the size of future pay increases.
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    Quote from MrChicagoRN
    We have been...

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    I wish!!!!!
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    We should be paid more cause we have two brains.
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    "We should be paid more cause we have two brains."

    Yeah, God knows that it takes 2 male brains to equal 1 female brain.
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    I have a hubby who is doing the CNA part of his RN program so watch out soon to be two nurses in the home.

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    I have a feeling here that you have opened up a can of worms..

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  13. by   anonymurse
    Quote from bjmarthin1986
    I have heard that male Rn's have a higher starting salary? Any truth to this?
    Probably, since it seems a higher proportion of males than females start in hospitals rather than offices. Just informally, I've met more men than women who came into nursing from the EMT track and more women than men who began in an office. And maybe that's because women with kids want kid-friendly hours and men don't care as much--possibly because in single-parent homes, men get custody less frequently, and possibly because men more commonly are employed than women in two-parent, single-income homes. Just guessing, but any of these might have small influences on a generalized average, so I'd be willing to buy into the idea that men have a higher average starting salary, plus that all starting salaries per given job type are the same for men and women.
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    Quote from bjmarthin1986
    i have heard that male rn's have a higher starting salary? any truth to this?
    three years ago, dh and i started in the same unit in the same hospital. i was making a bit more than him, which was fair since i had 27 years to his 22 years experience and a bsn to his diploma. at the end of 1 year, they promoted him up one step on the clinical ladder, even though he had not done -- refused to do -- any of the required tasks for promotion. i did everything on their list, my evaluation score was .02 higher, and i was not promoted. the only thing in his favor was the "correct" genitalia. (well that and he's much more social than me.)