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  1. bjmarthin1986

    milligan college

    does anyone know the gpa to get into the milligan nursing program in johnson city, tn?
  2. bjmarthin1986

    milligan college

    what is the minimum gpa for millgan colllege nursing program in johnson city tn?
  3. bjmarthin1986

    gpa for......

    does anyone know what the gpa is for millgan to get into the nursing program? do they except all that meet the gpa requirements?
  4. bjmarthin1986

    nurse consulting?

    I am considering doing legal nurse consulting. Does anyone think there would be opportunities in thetri-cities or chattanooga?
  5. bjmarthin1986

    online classes

    well my one of my questions is do they seem more difficult de to not being in lecture? Is there a lot more reading involved because of not being in lecture? Do exams seem to be more difficult?
  6. bjmarthin1986

    online classes

    I have 2 online classes this fall. Any advice on how to pursue these? Thanks
  7. bjmarthin1986


    the problem is i never retain a lot of the information when just reading
  8. bjmarthin1986


    I am a nursing student and I need to pull up my GPA I start my nursing classes in the fall. Is there any advice on what I can do to get good grades in my courses? Two of the courses I will be taking are online is there specific way I should pursue these?
  9. bjmarthin1986

    starting salary to annual salary?

    if you had to estimate what would you say?
  10. bjmarthin1986

    starting salary to annual salary?

    I am highly considering getting my masters in nursing informatics after I obtain my BSN. What is the starting salary for an informatics nurse? What is the highest they can get paid?
  11. bjmarthin1986

    Nursing informatics?

    I am thinking about pursuing my masters degree in nursing informatics after i get my bsn. What are the salary ranges for an informatics nurse?
  12. bjmarthin1986

    Grad School

    well i have a 2.7 right now so hopefully i can pull it up to a 3.0 by the time i graduate
  13. bjmarthin1986

    Grad School

    I am highly considering grad school after I get my BSN. What are the gpa ranges for grad school? Prefereably lowest heard of and highest? Also, is it possible for nursing students to get a higher GPA in nursing actual nursing school then the prerequisites?
  14. bjmarthin1986

    Male RN's

    I have heard that male Rn's have a higher starting salary? Any truth to this?
  15. bjmarthin1986

    GPA for nursing job?

    I am a male nursing student and am curious what kind of GPA is needed for a nursing job?