Male Chest Hair and Scrub Tops - page 2

What is your vote? Should a male nurse wearing a scrub top and has chest hair be required to wear a T shirt underneath in order to cover up the chest hair?... Read More

  1. by   TowannaG
    I am sorry ladies and gentlemen but I think that a t-shirt should be worn by men if they have excessive chest hair that will show thru a v-neck scrub top. I also think that women should wear a t-shirt if they are full busted as to not flash everyone they Towanna
  2. by   Chad_KY_SRNA
    I honestly have never seen it as an obsenity therefore, I feel no need to worry about a little exposed body hair.
  3. by   Sadie04
    Chest hair doesn't bother me. I would be too hot and sweaty at work with a t-shirt under my scrub top, so I wouldn't expect it to be required for hairy men
  4. by   humiliated
    Personally I don't like the sight of chest hair and somewhat find it unprofessional to have it hanging out of scrubs. Women aren't allowed to show their chest so neither should men. Kinda like at the gym. However though I would not penalize someone for not wearing a shirt under their scrubs because in the medical profession, we get busy and the last thing on our mind is what we are wearing. So my personal vote is for no, but my fair vote is yes, let them do what they want.
  5. by   hypnotic_nurse
    I really don't think chest hair can be equated with cleavage. My cleavage certainly doesn't extend to the base of my neck or onto my back! :chuckle

    Might as well have the guys wear pantyhose too, so their leg hair doesn't show.

    Personally, I couldn't imagine trying to wear a T-shirt under scrubs in the spring or summer when it's warm.
  6. by   skanded
    As I patient (or nurse) I would not want to see hair hanging out of the V neck. Would anyone want to me my armpit hair if I didn't shave it? NO!

  7. by   traumaRUs
    This reminds me of a situation my husband had while he was in the Air Force...about 10-15 years ago, the Secretary of the Air Force's wife liked to see chest hair on the males. So, she got her husband to change the uniforms so that the Air Force guys now wear ONLY v-neck t-shirts under their uniforms. Personally, my husband has chest hair and I like it. I voted that not wearing t-shirts was fine. However, myself (female), wear a t-shirt or sleeveless high-necked tank top under mine because I don't think I need more revealed than I care to reveal if you get my drift.
  8. by   kesneysmom
    My husband wears a t-shirt under his scrubs, but he wears t-shirts under everything, I personally don't care either way. He is just sexy hair or no hair.
  9. by   allamericangirl
    Most Guys have "guy" hair in the normal guy hair places. It is part of being a male and goes with the territory.

    It is gross to have hair hanging out of your nose and ears, and good grooming in our society dictates that it be removed. Oooh Gross... hairy ears and noses!

    Hair on the back of your neck looks "scruffy" guys, especially as you age. Please shave it!!???

    Hair on your chest is part of going from boy to man. Remember how excited you were when the first few started to come in.

    Wear those chest hairs proudly , but please no farther down than the second button on a dress shirt. :uhoh21: That goes for your uniform too.

    If you can braid the hair coming out of the top of your uniform then please do, or at least trim it back to a length that can't be braided!
  10. by   Chaya
    Love the braiding idea- imagine the dress code saying "chest hair on males must be braided"...Seriously-except for (I think) justifiable reservations about pubic hair showing, hair is hair. We don't have to cover the hair on our heads; only keep it clean and out of the way.
  11. by   Shaggydooo
    I always wear a white t-shirt under my scrubs....... I don't like the hair on my chest showing.... Don't think it looks to good.
  12. by   KrisRNwannabe
    yuck!!, that last thing i would want to see in the hospital as a patient is some hairy nurse coming at me. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK I would run screaming from the room. I know men can't control their carpet but jeez let's be professional and cover-up. yuck i hate chest hair. thank god hubby has none. just some around the belly button.
  13. by   jnette
    I voted for the Tshirt simply because to me it does appear more professional. I would think in a business office setting one wouldn't find men sitting behind their desks with open shirts and bare chest.. hair or no hair.

    Tweety... what about those T-shirts (or whatever you guys call them) that have no, not the sleazy muscleshirt tanktop thingies, but they look just like a Tee with the sleeves cut out ? At least that way you have the neck of the tee, but no sleeves hanging out. ??? Just a thought.