Magazine--Nursing Made Incrediably Easy

  1. My son brought home a magazine fund raiser.

    It has "Nursing Made Incrediably Easy" Has anyone read that magazine? How is it? I'd like to learn something--hoping it's not too easy.
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  3. by   Tweety
    I get it and it's a fairly good magazine. It's written at a level that people who have are are taking A&P, or med-surg nursing. It's quite basic, but I find it never hurts to brush up on med-surg issues. I'm a bit behind in reading it since I started school, but hope to catch up soon.
  4. by   Antikigirl
    My DON and I love this magazine! It is down to the point and interesting subjects that are more practical than other nursing mags. In fact, my DON said that they also have an LPN edition that is even more practical and geared towards remembering and using your common sense skills vs reading a lecture..LOL! I am going to check out the LPN one she spoke of because frankly...I like common sense and down to earth styles of learning .
  5. by   twarlik
    I get this magazine and I really like it. I'm still a student (graduate April 30th!), and it's made a lot of difficult concepts really simple to understand. It seems every issue contains something I've been studying in school or have seen at work recently. I would definitely recommend it for students and new nurses.
  6. by   Tashia
    I am an LPN student (hopefully starting in the fall) and I'm from Ontario. I was just wondering if this magazine would help me since I don't live in the states. I know form other people that anything that helps you to understand all the concepts will be a great asset.
    Do you think it would be wise for me to suscribe? If so, is there a website?

    Thanks, Tashia
  7. by   Fiona59
    Its a great read. Try Coles or Chapters (thats where I used to get mine before we moved to the back of beyond) for issues, (comes out every other month). Much easier than dealing with subscription hassles. I got my renewal notice before I got my first issue....
  8. by   lisamc1RN
    I'm so glad to read the positive reviews. I just ordered this and LPN2005.
  9. by   NurseFirst
    Quote from fiona59
    its a great read. try coles or chapters (thats where i used to get mine before we moved to the back of beyond) for issues, (comes out every other month). much easier than dealing with subscription hassles. i got my renewal notice before i got my first issue....
    yeah, they are a little over the top on their renewal notices.

    great magazine, otherwise. i get aacn and rarely find something i want to read (which is really rare for me.) i like the practicality and unpretentiousness of the magazine. i finally got a subscription when i noticed that some of the articles i was interested in reading on nursingcenter were first published in nmie.

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