LPN student with 2 past DWAI's

  1. I am an LPN student, and I am worried about obtaining my license because I have 2 DWAI's. They are 6 and 10 years in the past, but I heard that any misdemeanor will hurt your chances of obtaining a license. Does anyone know whether this is true??

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  3. by   PANurseRN1
    We cannot advise you on legal matters here. Please consult your SBON or an attorney.
  4. by   caliotter3
    You need to direct your questions directly to your state's licensing authority. The faster you get in touch with them, the faster you can take any necessary steps. Also, your school administrators should be able to help you with this.
  5. by   GeminiTwinRN
    You should DEFINITELY pose these questions to your SBON, and the sooner the better. The last thing you need to do is spend this time in school only to find out you won't be eligible for a license!

    Good luck!
  6. by   jimthorp
    Why even bring it up?
  7. by   moongirl
    Quote from jimthorp
    Why even bring it up?
    because she will be subject to a background check
  8. by   MsLady06
    I didnt know they conduct a background check when you take your boards. Just when you enter school...your school should have given you information on criminal backgrounds and obtaining your license. I know if you have a felony within the last 10 years the BON will say NO. certain Misdemeanor charges will automatically be a rejection....because it some how effects you with clinicals. You may need to speak with the head of the program.
  9. by   jimthorp
    Quote from moongirl
    because she will be subject to a background check

    That should have been done to get into school.

    The OP didn't learn her lesson the first time and did it again. Hopefully the lesson has been learned now!!
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  10. by   Noryn
    I honestly cannot remember having a background check performed when I was accepted to LPN or RN school. If they did, it was either without my permission or I dont remember signing a consent. When I applied for my NCLEX you had to explain anything on your record. At that time, several students would get stressed out because they had to go back and find old records of speeding tickets. My friend had to explain that he was caught catching more trout than the state limit--kinda humorous. They did finally change it to where minor traffic violations were excluded.

    So I am not sure if the board actually does do a background check on everyone prior to them taking the NCLEX but they want to know this information. I would definitely contact the board NOW to make sure you will be eligible to take your test. If you fail to give them this information and they find out about it, talk about a bad day.
  11. by   sirI
    questions we seem to be encountering more and more often have to do with the effects of a criminal history on nursing licensure:
    • is it possible to become licensed as a nurse if you have a criminal history?
    • is it possible to become licensed as a nurse if you have a dui or other related charges?
    • what happens if you are charged or convicted of a crime after licensure?
    • can i go to nursing school and/or be licensed if my record has been sealed or expunged?
    these are questions that the members of allnurses.com cannot answer. the only reliable source of information is your state board of nursing.
    please refer to this thread for other information:

    nursing licensure with a criminal history

    good luck.