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It's becoming a problem in many workplaces according to yesterday's Wall Street Journal: Low rider pants. I'm seeing some nurses wearing them, and they're steadily moving south of propriety in... Read More

  1. by   Empress
    The waist doesn't look that unprofessional to me

    I'm not a fan of boot-cut, though. Personal taste.

    I don't like capri scrubs for work because of the whole exposed skin, have to shave your legs more often factor. And it is way too casual for a nursing, IMO.
  2. by   Nurse Ratched
    I think they're kinda cute - and as long as the waist is covered up.

    Normally I'm a traditionalist on uniforms - but I see they have whites for me, too .
  3. by   nessa1982
    I'm a nursing student who wears low-rider pants on her off time. But during clinical I do not. I do however wear flare leg pants. I also wear al ong white scrub top. I'm usually told I look very professional (I try ). I think the flare leg pants are more comfortable (esp on me and my athletic calves, thes rest of me is small but my calves just dont like tapered legs, which is fine because I dont like tapered legs on me). Oh yes and I cant imagine how ugly capri pants would be in a clinical setting. In my opinion Cparis are casual apnts and shoul only be worn with sandals. Not in a hospital.. not only unprofesional but ugly. Actually I clicked on that link above and those arerent really low rise..slight lowrise I think is fine. Low rise is more of a hip hugger look ala Britney Spears..very innappropriate.
  4. by   iliel
    I had no idea what everyone was talking about before I saw the picture...you can only imagine the pictures in my head.
    Now that I've seen them, I like them! I would wear these. I have long legs and am short. I don't fit into petites and I always have to roll up the waist two or three times. These look like they might fit me for once!!!
  5. by   renerian
    Wow my dtr wears low riders and I cannot tell you the number of times I have seen underwear LOL. I go up and pull them which makes her laugh but I tell her that is what we are seeing lOL.

    I wear baggy pants. I buy a size to big to avoid that awful pinching at the waist.

  6. by   kimmicoobug
    I have a pair of "low-rider" flare legged scrub bottoms. I say "low rider" because they are not really. They do fit lower than the traditional scrub (right at the belly button) but only by a couple of inches. They are drawstring and are very comfortable. They are also more boot-legged and I love this particular style. I do not think I look necessarily trendy, but I am comfortable. I wear them with normal scrub tops and I have never had a pair of panties show when I bend.

    I think it is tacky to see a nurse's crack hanging out, as well. I haven't seen it, but I can imagine that it does exist. As well as tops that might show some belly.

    On a different note, last week I saw a nurse with an eyebrow ring with beads hanging off of it, and I thought that looked kind of tacky in the workplace.
  7. by   sarahr5
    I think there is nothing wrong with "low-riders" or flare pants, as long as skin is not showing. You can always tuck in shirts, I think there are a new wave of nurses, and the traditional scrubs can be so boring, afterall people in the business world now wear "business casual clothing" instead of suits everyday to work. Most of my closet is full of nursing uniforms that are so boring, but these new nursing uniforms are great and look professional to.
  8. by   justjenn
    It's no secret that I like the "old school" look for nursing. TO each HIS/HER own. And, I think scubs look like PJ's. DO NOT TAKE THIS THE WRONG WAY - PLEASE, but I feel that scrubs - for a female - makes one look heavy, not at all flattering. I am 5'3, 118 and I look HUGE in them. PLUS, my bum looks, well lets say - WIDE. Gives me a complex :

    The photo shown was not bad to me. Hate this flare/boot looking cut.

    Ya know, I am 33,no kids & I don't know what to wear anymore. I don't want to dress like a mom, but the alternative is to dress like a teenage. GOSH, I'M 30 SOMTHING :roll and going through a EARLY 30 CRISIS:roll

  9. by   Rapheal
    I thought the scrubs in the catalog picture were cute. As long as skin is not showing then I think they are okay.
  10. by   happy03
    I really liked the scrubs in the picture--cute and professional IMO. I guess I'm shocked certain hospitals let their employees get away exposing butt cracks or midriffs, wearing nose piercings, eyebrow rings or exotic colored hair. I'm all for expressing one's individuality, but not if it's a distraction in the workplace. Virtually every corporation has a dress code, and hospitals should be no different.
  11. by   New CCU RN
    Originally posted by Rapheal
    I thought the scrubs in the catalog picture were cute. As long as skin is not showing then I think they are okay.
    Me too!! I have never seen anyone's behind or underwear at work.....so I dunno if no one is wearing them or just not wearing shirts that show them off...

    I don't see the problem with wearing low rise pants if they fit appropriately and their scrub top fits so that it isn't showing anything off....

    Personally, I HATE elastic band scrubs....they are wretched!!!!!!
  12. by   sphinx
    When I started reading this thread, I was picturing the low rise pants you see people wearing around, you know the youth set with the belly showing, like was being mentioned. But the girl in that picture looked really cute! And for scrubs they actually looked flattering, not that baggy look......I agree with the "as long as no skin is showing" school of thought.

    Now my *personal* preference.....I've been too heavy for a long time to even think about low rise pants.....I've dropped a lot of weight and tried a pair on yesterday. Besides the fact that they felt *weird* (can't remember ever wearing pants below my belly button!), but there's my undies sticking out, and I'm thinking, jeez, I'd have to buy skimpy little panties that would crawl up my hiney........eeeuuuuwwwwwwww!!!!!!

  13. by   Spidey's mom
    This (truly) low-rise craze seems silly to me when I'm walking in the mall and see girls of every shape and size wearing their pants just above their, well . . . "triangle" zone, if you will. Not everyone can get away with this look . .you need abs of steel but I've noticed that girls with tummies are wearing them. In fact, most of the girls I saw have tummy hanging over. And I'm sorry but that just doesn't look good.

    The pants in the photo actually looked fine.

    I agree that scrubs make you look huge. I won't wear scrub bottoms for that reason. I used to wear white jeans. Now I just wear a uniform pant but I'm looking at some pants with zippers and a normal waist . . they keep the tummy tucked in . Lay down on the bed, suck in your tummy and zip those babies up!!



    P.S. Isn't this the look we get irritatied with our husbands for? Wearing their jeans below their beer belly? Letting it all hang out?