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  1. hello everyone!
    i have an important question regarding lvn school. i should be starting a hospital based nursing school in mid march (if all goes well). only problem is, it's going to set me back about $32,000 !!!!! so i've been doing some research and found out that a local adult school is offering lvn for about $8,000!!! will earning a degree through adult school lower my chances to get a position in a hospital? is adult school as authentic as cc or tech schools? i need any and all info please!!!!!

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  3. by   GingerSue
    can you check with the hospital and the licensing association?

    will there be clinical experiences at the adult school?
    what are the qualifications of the teaching staff?
  4. by   gauge14iv
    What is an adult school - are you talking about a local community college or tech school? As long as both schools qualify you to take the licensing exam and are accredited by whoever they need to be accredited by there should be no issues.
  5. by   mediatix8
    Most hospitals require an RN... but there are some that hire LVN'S (they call them LPN's in my state). Why don't you look at a few local hospital websites. Look at their employment opportunities and what the position requires. Few hire LVN's/LPN's in my state at least. I only know on one. I've seen your post about how you want to work w/ babies and I'll tell you that it's usually pretty difficult to get a position like that (labor and delivery or mother baby) as a new graduate with an RN... let alone an LPN/LVN. Pediatrics might be easier to get. But $30,000 is an aweful lot of money. Dear God are those your only options? There isn't a cheaper program for an RN? I wouldn't pay that much!

    Seriously... you should look at websites to hospitals you want to work at. Your answer will be right there.
  6. by   nurseangel47
    that is an absolute horrendously huge sum of money. I'd recheck source and go elsewhere for my education. Soooo not worth it. No way, no how. Go to a community college. It's pennies on the dollar against what you're quoting....even if there's a wait list. Good luck in nursing world.
  7. by   Cattitude
    i got my rn at a community college for less than 8,000. and for 32,000 that's bachelor's money!!! do not spend it on a 1 year lvn program.. that's a rip off.

  8. by   CHATSDALE
    check and see is the 'adult' facility is accreditted by state///it will take you a long while to make up 32k
    check into the availability of a rn program