let go over 1 mistake...(more related to facility budget) VENT

  1. so, some of you may have seen my previous post over the resident I had with a pluerx drain. Made a mistake with the drainage, resident complained. was cancelled off schedule on wed due to complaint(not even my normal resident, could have worked without going in said room). Called friday at 1600 from the NH, and told that I would be taken off the schedule for the rest of the month(basically fired).
    But the DON tells me "oh, you're just flexi, so there's nothing formal to happen." UHMMMMM, I am STILL an employee, entitled to the same disceplenary ladder as others. NO warnings, nothing in my record, just let go. I live in IL, a "at-will" state. I don't believe that I don't get a meeting, I can't make one mistake, and then I'm fired just like that.
    This comes on the heels of a confirmed meeting with our scheduler where the DON told a fellow nurse "oh, we'll get rid of (myself), get rid of the part timers and hire one full timer." so I knew she's been looking for a reason to let me go. I'm filing a complaint with the labor board on monday, and godspeed, that place doesn't know what they lost.....anyone have a similar situation dealt with before?
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  3. by   Baloney Amputation
    I really, really sympathize. I mean it. My is also an at-will state, and every nursing home I've worked in except one has management that plays games to some degree with employees to prove their dominance or something.

    However, why are you going to the labor board? I'm dense sometimes.
  4. by   SummerGarden
    i am so sorry that this happened to you!!! i remember you when we were both nursing students on the nursing student forums. anyway, i have not had this happen to me but right now my place of employment is getting crazy. they are screaming budget cuts to the point that they recently let a nurse go for being late a few too many times. keep in mind that i mean clocking in late or early by 1-2 minutes (late and early clock-ins are considered late and late and early clock-outs or late considered late too)! this same nurse was never late in getting report for shift change. fifteen minutes makes you late for that. so now all of the other nurses and techs are running scared and hovering over the time clock to make sure that they clock in and out on time. the way nursing employers are acting these days is getting to be ridiculous!!! so your story does not shock me in the least.

    as for me, i am counting down to joining the army. i go to work scared everyday because i do not want to make a mistake that costs me my license and my means of joining the army. the sad part is i refuse to help nurses when i know they need help with a patient beyond my understanding or with something complicated. others probably think ill of me or my skills but that is too bad!!! i refuse to do something that may come back to bite me in the buns later. especially when they try to rush me to do something i have not done before or to do something with a patient i know nothing about or hand me a syringe of meds not labeled and ask me to give it to a patient because i just received report ... (not happening)!!!

    your experience is a lesson learned!!! do not beat yourself up.... i hope someone on here can help you find other employment soon. no one can afford to be out of work. plus, if i recall correctly you were a good student and passionate about being a nurse so i am sure you have excellent skills to continue to contribute to the nursing profession and your future patients. gl!!!

  5. by   Valerie Salva
    I really don't think you have a case to go to the labor board. You are in an "at will" state- plus, your DON could have made a stink and turned you in to the BON, but she didn't. And... you have another job. I wouldn't push it.
  6. by   HM2VikingRN
    This illustrates why we need a "for cause" statute in every state. Read up on the 7 tenets of just cause for discipline.

    The other piece is that this shows why unions are good for nursing.
  7. by   locolorenzo22
    couldn't agree more viking....I realize I made said mistake, but I have NO displicary actions on my record there, nothing happening, researched at work tonight, and realized that I don't have a leg to stand on.
    It's frustrating that due to many different factors, you could be out of a job the next day and theres not a **** thing you can do about it.
    I understand theres a favor there about not going to the bon, but seriously?
    just silly to me, gonna let it go and move on with my life.
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  8. by   Ginger's Mom
    Sounds like you have a plan...being a flex person you have almost no rights, sorry.
  9. by   katkonk
    I would certainly call and ask the DON just to make sure that you will get a favorable reference for any other job, since you have received no formal disciplinary action. If she/he says no, and there is no documentation in your file, THEN you could see where your prior plan leads you. They will have to say that you are or are not eligible for rehire, and that could make all the difference in the world when searching for another job. And/or go directly to human resources and request that you be transferred to another unit (if you want that).