let a fellow nurse take care of you??

  1. These polls are soooooo much fun. How much faith do you have in you fellow nurses??? If you were in the hospital and either had surgery or were sick, would you want one of your fellow workers to take care of you????
  2. Poll: would you let a fellow worker take care of you

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  4. by   ayemmeff
    I always thought I would hate it,and be embarrassed,then I was in the position of being so ill that all I wanted was for someone to care for me.Believe me, when you're that ill,you just want someone who cares and knows what they're doing-embarrassment just flies out the window!
  5. by   fab4fan
    I agree. With my mishap, I wanted to be cared for by people that knew me...previously, I always thought that I would go to our sister hospital if something happened to me.
  6. by   niteshiftnurse
    Thought I would add this to the original post. I had surgery in november and was on the floor i work on. i was pretty shocked at how some of the nurses did stuff. I think because i'm a nurse and they all know me, that its ok to take short cuts.....just because they know you. I had a JP drain and had to empty it myself and in my 6 day stay, only 1 nurse actually looked at my dressing. I think its called a reality check
  7. by   ayemmeff
    I'd say that where I work,the opposite is maybe true,if you are looking after staff,most people tend to make sure they go the extra mile to dot all the i's and cross all the t's.
    I think there would be a little embarassment, but I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the hospital. We've had quite a few of our own nurses come to our floor for care.

  9. by   ERNurse752
    It would depend on the nurse...at least I would know who to request, or who to kick out of my room before they touched me!
  10. by   Furball
    There are several nurses on my unit who I would certainly trust with my life. They are a combination of intelligence, vast experience, quick thinking, compassion and humor. They are my heroes and I can only hope to be almost aa good when I have a few years under my belt.
  11. by   deespoohbear
    At our small facility you get that "little" extra attention. I have never been an inpatient on my floor, but my hubby and my son have been. There care was exceptional....I was never expected to do anything for my family (but I did because I wanted to..). When I have a staff person in as a patient I just go ahead and do my normal routine with them as I would any patient. If they do something that should have been mine or the CNA's responsibility I just mention it to them in a kind way. Usually the response I get is "I feel like I needed to do something to feel useful." Of course, it depends what they are in the hospital for in the first place. I would rather be at our facility for treatment than anywhere else...I feel like I have more control and am consulted about the treatment plan for my family...
  12. by   l.rae
    Very interesting topic. I just had surgery a week ago and like fab4, when it came down to the nittty gritty, nobody else would do but the nurses I know and trust. I got excellent care! The ONLY specifications I gave....NO MED STUDENTS!...our residents on rotation now are SCAREY.....I swear, if I was a full arrest and one of them walked in my room, I would snap put of asystole and scream..."GET OUT!"
    I was only in overnight for a lap chole, l tried to do as much for myself as possible....told everyone how great they were and appreciated...cause l can appreciate what they go thru.
  13. by   sunnygirl272
    i agree with the poster who said at least ya know who to kick out of your room...
    WHen my mom was a pt inthe hospital in which she worked(and still works) she did not have the choice of where to go..she coded inthe cafeteria...i flew home, and she (and I) were given the most wonderful care...small enough hospital that even with all its faults and gosspmill, this was "one of their own" in that bed...one of the ER nurses told her after she was extubated," Marilyn, i was the one who had to cut your scrub pantsoff, and i am sorry i ruined a good pr of pants...but when you walk out of ths hospital, i will buy you a new pair"..sho nuff...she sent my mom a GC to the local uniform shop...
    because i had worked there prior to moving out of state, i was still part of the hospital family...one night when she was in ICU, i could not allow myself to leave yet...but was near asleep on my feet...there was an emty unit bed...they sent me in there to catch a nap....was half awake when i heard them in report when the next shift came on.." marilyn's daughter is in bed #7..."

    despite all the good care mom had...when i had my colonoscopy,i chose to go to the other hospital that my GI works out of...and willl do the same for my upcoming one....lol..i have my boundaries..so long as it's a planned thing..would prefer they not be looking at my AH...
  14. by   l.rae
    Originally posted by sunnygirl272

    despite all the good care mom had...when i had my colonoscopy,i chose to go to the other hospital that my GI works out of...and willl do the same for my upcoming one....lol..i have my boundaries..so long as it's a planned thing..would prefer they not be looking at my AH...

    HAHA... my last words to my surgeon were..."keep me covered up!".....I remember him saying.."they get mad everytime I saw holes in their gowns.":roll
  15. by   kaycee
    I have always had surgery in another facility because I tend to be a pretty private person. However if I needed to go to the ER I wouldn't hesitate to go where I work. There are only a few nurses I wouldn't want near me. The majority of my coworkers I would trust with my life.