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Hi all - just curious what you think of this situation. I have a new nurse manager who believes that we are there for the doctors - surgeons more specifically. Totally. Example - we have a doctor... Read More

  1. by   uncRN
    i work in a large teaching facility in central north carolina, and have to admit i consider it part of my job to teach these young docs some manners....i've been here for 9 years and have only dealt with a couple of boneheads...we try to teach good manners here at unc.....
  2. by   nimbex
    As previously stated HOSTILE WORK ENVIRONMENT. = greivance = hospital lawyers. PERIOD there is a clearly defined law to protect us.... PLEASE use it!!

    my favorite ; MD "don't call me again tonite". RN: "MD states don't call again tonight" MD: "what are you doing?" RN: "charting your response in the legal document".

    MD: "Don't call me again tonight, click of telephone" I page back and state: "I'm sorry sir, I was documenting your response in the chart and I forgot what you said after don't......."

    This has gotten me called in the office..... only to get a laugh and support from the manager.... with a stern warning that the fall out will be tough.... many meetings later.... it was worth it but a stressful process.... so is getting crapped on by the MD.... I'd rather have the MD on the defensive side...

    Every doc knows after one of these statements that I WILL CALL, will document and will demand respect and correct treatment of the patient...

    :kiss So sorry you have to go through this.... it CAN STOP HERE.... but the follow through on your part will be tough. If every nurse stood up for themselves we could make improvements but some managers will make life miserable meanwhile, that's when I go one step up.

    HUGS and don't let them get to you:
  3. by   preciousnurse
    I do feel for you. I said the same things about a doc at our hospital whose file is probably bigger than the dictionary, however they cannot do anything with him because he is not hired by the hospital. We are a Planetree facility and I cannot believe that they let so called professionals act the way that they do sometimes
  4. by   rnor
    We have a whole administration that thinks the nursing staff should kiss the Docs you know what! I think it has something to do with being a SMALL hospital in the middle of small town America.....listen we have patients that come in to have surgery when they want too, Example, if they are told to be in OP at a certain time, they may show up 2 hours later, and it is fine with the doctors and administration. Our hospital is ran by a coporation, and all the managers get MEGA bonuses, so you know whose A they are kissing.....welcome to the real world of BIG CORPORATIONS......:imbar money hungry......
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  5. by   sparrow
    preciousnurse: Of course your hospital can discipline or even get rid of a physician who is not hired by the hospital. While they technically are not employees, and are independant practitioners, they must apply for and get renewed privilages to admit at a medical facility. A hospital may deny such privilages to a physician for cause and if he can't admit, his practice will grind to a halt! We recently had our hospital deny admit privilages to a surgeon and asked him to "move on" and with no place to slice and dice, he closed his office and left.

    So, your hospital does have recourse, if they will take it. But apparently the are opting not to.
  6. by   sparrow
    rnor: and you also have some power. We are also a small hospital and patient's who do not show up on time for surgery are canceled! And if the doctor is late, HE is informed that if he is later than 20 minutes his case will be canceled! It takes a strong OR team to do that.
  7. by   rnor
    Boy would I love to see that happen in our or...most of the staff are too chicken to do anything, and we do not have a manager with any backbone...
  8. by   illya
    what is a code pink, after 31 years in nursing, i have never heard of it . please advise. thanks
  9. by   rnor
    code pink is for the adduction of babies in many hospitals.
  10. by   Aussienurse2
    You could always respond ala Kate, Hands on hips, one eyebrow raised " Mhmmm reeeealllyy? Ya think?? and what, exactly do ya think it's gonna cost ya?" Of course I'm six feet 2 inches and have purple hair......
    But I don't take c*$p from anyone! Especially smallassed docs with a God complex, and they know it. I have a coffee cup at work that the docs look very closely at,( I think it's included on rounds now) it says " I'm not a bytch, I'm THE bytch, and thats Ms. Bytch to you!" They seem to take me pretty seriously, and I'm only an EN. LOL!!!
  11. by   MollyMo
    There was a CV surgeon who was called in because his patient was crashing. He asked me if he needed to come in. I told him "this is the clinical picture. You decide if it's worth your time to come in. " When he got there he asked me a question which off the top of my head I had no answer to. So I said I don't know. He balled his fists and raised them at me and yelled "what do you mean you don't know?" I walked away and called the nursing supervisor and told her what happened. I told her if he swings, it's on and I have no intention of backing down. She was on the unit almost before I hung up the phone and stayed between me and him until the patient was taken to ICU. The NM called a staff meeting at the surgeon's request so he could tell us exactly what he expected of us. He looked at me the entire time. I told him in front of everyone that it wasn't my job to tell him whether or not he should come see a patient. That was his decision. I also said that his behavior in the hall was wrong, unacceptable and would not be tolerated. A couple of years after I left the hospital, I found out that he had an accident and no longer has use of one of his hands.
  12. by   canoehead
    I give them the data and let them decide if they need to come in, but if I want them at the bedside I tell them so- then the patient gets evaluated no matter what. I've never had someone refuse to come in when they were directly told that they need to. Usually if I am concerned enough to say "git yer butt in here" the pr is sick enough that I would move up the chain of command if the primary doc said they weren't coming.
  13. by   zudy
    A "code Pink" in our hospital is also the code for an infant abduction, but when nurses call one , it's different. If you call a code pink, all the nurses on that unit (and any other available staff,such as RT, unit clerks,ect.) go to where the dr is having a fit,and just stand there and STARE at him/her. No one says a word, and you keep your face perfectly blank:stone . It usually works great, and word gets around quickly, don't mess with these nurses!