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Hi all - just curious what you think of this situation. I have a new nurse manager who believes that we are there for the doctors - surgeons more specifically. Totally. Example - we have a doctor... Read More

  1. by   rncountry
    If I had a physician threaten to throw something at me I would not hesitate to let that physician know that type of behaviour would constiute an assault and that I would not have any difficulty in calling the police from the unit and reporting that assault. At this point in time I would bypass your manager and go to risk management, with the workplace policy in hand regarding hostile work enviroment. Personally I am waiting for a nurse who has been treated this way to generate a lawsuit for hostile workplace. I believe that at some point in time this is going to happen.
    It is a difficult situation when your management is not willing to back you and has a misguided notion that nurses are handmaidens. However a well written letter to the editor, without your name if you prefer, about the nursing shortage and using this physician without the name of the physician as an example as to why nurses leave, may cause enough embarrassment for pressure to be brought to bear and attuitudes to change. If it doesn't work once do it again. Hospitals don't like their dirty little secrets out, but "secrets" can only hide in the dark.
    Be proactive, it is hard but well worth the effort to not feel as if you have no power. Nurses have the power once we choose to use it.
    Well my dear, let me give you a lil one on one with someone who had something thrown and them and basically got the same response from the facility.
    They arent grinning so much now because Im taking them to Federal Court!!!!!!, I have a case against the Surgeon , and one against the hospital. I am also in the process of having the case or the situation written up in the nursing Magazine RN , because this is deplorable and unacceptable to all standards!
    Document any and everything down including what case was going on and whom was in your room when the action occured keep those notes for yourself , just in case you become in the same situation as I have now. Make one copy for the supervisors in your department as a write up and state only the facts.
    Your a professional and you deserve the same respect from your co workers and Surgeons as you give them. Yes your there for the patient and when the Dr acts this way it impeds your ability to be the patients advocate which is against the LAW!!!
    Its an old way of thinking that the Dr walks on water and they can do what they wish and how they wish. You do however have to watch your steps because in the area you are in the Drs have the suites up thier behind, and you can easily be marked as a trouble maker , keeping books however will prevent that if anything comes about you or your abilities.
    Walk lightly but carry a big stick, and if they start some crap with you spout out the policies and procedures that your hospital has to have , (its called a Physicans Conduct Assessment) or that is how it was labeled when I located it for my attorney, every hospital has one its hidden I guarentee.
    You stand by your abilities and what you will and will not tollerate not all Drs act this way but it sure smears the ones that dont.
  3. by   suzannasue
    Oh yeah...working now in a hospital that condones the abusive behavior of one doc in particular...for some reason the excuse "that's just the way he is " does not cut it with me...and I followed the chain of command and told them all "that is not an acceptable excuse"...I have also heard the higher ups excuse his behavior by saying " that's the way it is in his culture,women are not respected"...and I have told them all..."that is sooooo unacceptable"... he will not treat me as a "child of lesser worth"...
    HIS CULTURE BE DAMNED !!!!! I have seen him cause total chaos on this unit and then make comments such as "they have no real nurses here, these are kindergaten nurses"... I know why he chose this small rural hospital...he knows his hostile behavior would not be tolerated in another setting...he is also chief of staff here... I will continue documenting his abusive behavior...He has been known to throw charts and I am hoping he aims one at me...I will call 911 and get the law enforcement ppl involved since I have found administration less than supportive. Perhaps he would realize he cannot get away with his horrid behavior if he finds himself charged with "assault and battery"....
    pretzyl...I feel for you, I really do...wish I could give you a hug and tell you that things will get better... document his behavior and let it be known to administration that you will not tolerate his abuse...everyone answers to someone....I wish you well.... :kiss
    And do follow NRSKarens advice...find policy regarding abuse and harrassment...I now keep a copy of the one here on the desk in full view...
  4. by   live4today
    My advice: Stand up to any doctor who abuses you that way, and don't blink when you do it! Nurses ARE professionals.....and should be respected as such. I believe it is up to us to ensure that respect be given to us by not tolerating such abuse. Look out for your own one else will when it really comes down to it. I've stood up to several surgeons in my time, and have no problem confronting them face to face with their "God mentality".

    Some personalities are stronger than others when it comes to confronting those in a position of power......nurse managers, their heads, the docs......however....nurses need to take a stand on this position and realize that we have the power just like the doctors, the nurse managers, and the other nurse and hospital administrators.

    If they fire you, or cause trouble for you based on your taking a "no nonsense" stand to that doctor's abuse, fight the'll win in court. Do NOT allow them to intimidate you. That same doctor probably grew up being a "bully" someone needs to break his frickin' knee caps.
  5. by   Pretzlgl
    Thank you all for your wonderful support - I wish you could be my Nurse Manager! Lots of great advice here - I think I will start with documenting and also trying to get my fellow nurses to band with me. (We are all targets for his abuse - he does not discriminate).
  6. by   beckymcrn
    I am a nurse to take care of PATIENTS not doctors.
    As far as I am concerned this is verbal abuse and you should not have to stand for it.
  7. by   BadBird
    Well I would write up a statement of concern stating that this particular surgeon created a unsafe working condition, have all the nurses, techs and anyone else who witnessed his/her behavior sign, follow the chain of command; start with the nurse manager and continue upward. If you plan on resigning then I would even mention that the media may be interested in this story and how it is another facet of nurses leaving and creating a shortage.
  8. by   GeorgiaSunshine
    I feel that as long as you are being your patient's advocate, you are not there to kiss the doctor's foot. Most certainly respect is needed in all cases. But like all things worth having, you have to earn it. With temper such as the doctor's you have to wonder about his real intentions and care for the patient. I do agree with his actions being abuse and that it should be reported if it continues. Also, maybe you can talk to the doctor and tell him that you are feeling disrespected due to his behavior. Maybe that will enable him to see that his actions are not healthy for him or those working with him.
  9. by   ?burntout
    I agree with everyone else-VERBAL ABUSE!!!!!
    If he/she does ever throw a piece of equipment-be there!!!
    You could probably own you a nice Jaguar or Mercedes!!

  10. by   Youda
    Unfortunately, you only have three choices. Only you can say which is right for you.

    1. Stay and submit to it. Be a good little nurse and take it and shut up about it.

    2. Stay in your job and fight back in all the ways already suggested here, and any other way you can think of.

    3. Quietly put in your notice, and find another position.
  11. by   Neon8
    There is a health organization around here that has the cure for rude docs. When they get complaints from the nurses about the way a certain doc is treating them, the organization holds the doctor's paycheck until he/she attends a "charm school" class and learns how to act. Needless to say, all the docs treat the nurses with respect.
  12. by   JailRN
    Can we all say, "assault and Battery". Good, now let's try another "terrorist threats" Very good class.

    This MD is an a$$. If you let him treat you like this-he will, because "that's the way it's always done. Just prior to my resignation, I would PRAY that he thwer a chart at me. Then I'd own his jag, or whatever and him, too.
  13. by   eltrip
    Yes, this is abuse. It doesn't matter that we are nurses or even professionals. We are HUMANS and no human deserves to be treated this way!

    I agree, document, document, document! Take care of yourself!