Just wondering... what would you want your kids to do for a living?

  1. My daughter is still a baby, but I would never tell her to go to school to be a nurse RN.

    I want her to be happy and self sufficient in life. But in my dreams, I would love for her to be an artist...... a singer, actress and dancer....

    what would you want your kids to do for a living when they grew up?
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  3. by   Flare
    Filthy rich and happy to take care of their parents!
  4. by   whichone'spink
    I would want them to choose their path wisely, weigh the pros and cons of any profession they want to choose.
  5. by   Crux1024
    Id love for them just to be happy and self sufficient here too.

    But my son (10 yo) currently is angling on working in a movie theatre so he can watch free movies and my daughter (4 yo) wants to be a dancer b/c they wear lots of sparkles. Lol.
  6. by   ky_grl82
    My 4 year old wants to be a powerline worker (like his dad), cop, or fireman! I mean, could you choose any more dangerous careers! I have a bad feeling he will want to follow in his dad's footsteps but I hope that I will be able to persuade him from doing it by showing him the lists of men that have died doing powerline work.
  7. by   Phlavyah
    my 11 yo wants to be professional equestrian... (ai, ai- ai my pockets hurt...)
    she truly believes she will make the Olympics! lol

    the 4 yo, I'll be happy if she doesn't start a cult and tries to take over the world, talk about bossy and manipulative!
  8. by   shoegazer
    I would love for my son to be a chef! he is 16 months old and currently hates meals, but I'm hoping that will change I wouldn't mind if he became a musician or artist, something creative. Mostly I just want him to be happy though!
  9. by   whodatnurse
    Knowing everything I know now, I couldn't be prouder if I had a baby who would grow up to go to college and get an academic education in something they were passionate about, such as a dual degree in Italian literature and Ancient Greek history, then afterward pursuing a lucrative career as a plumber.

    (only just kinda sorta kidding...)
  10. by   LikeSweetSoulMusic
    My five year old daughter currently wants to be an elf. As long as she completes college, she can be whatever type of elf she wants.

    However, all kidding aside, I really hope my children do something that makes a positive difference in the world. I would be disappointed if they wanted to do credit card collections or something like that.
  11. by   thinwildmercury
    yesterday, i was babysitting my six year old cousin. while i was painting my nails, she asked if she could help me, mentioning that when she grows up she wants to paint people's nails. ahahaha i couldn't help but crack up-what an aspiration, right! (she said she would not paint toes hehe)
  12. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    I want them to be in jobs that they are happy with and will pay the bills and take care of their families.

    So far 2 of them think they will be NFL players, 1 of them is going to be anEntomologist and my daughter is wanting to be a Dancer (at barely 3).

    I told the 2 that are sure they will be NFL stars that they better buy me a nice house and car if they do and they agreed lolMy oldest used to say he wanted to be a dump truck driver because they had cool trucks when he was younger and also aspired to work at Taco Bell.

    I still say I should get a part time job so I can see free movies because I am such a big movie person.
  13. by   EmmyBee
    My 8 year old daughter wants to be a veterinarian and part-time chef. LOL I try to instill in her that while it's important to get into something that makes her happy, she should also try and get into a field that makes decent money.

    She's gifted and does very well in school. I just hope she keeps it up and goes on to get a college education.
  14. by   iteachob
    My 21-year-old son is a junior theatre major.....his dad (deceased) was an anesthesiologist, so he has taken a totally different route than his parents! I just want him to be happy and be able to make a decent living.

    My 8-year-old son wants to be a librarian......or an astronaut (at the moment).