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There are 280 million people in the United States. Of those it is estimated that 13 million are incontinent. I started a poll on this BB asking about GU problems that nurses have. I am very... Read More

  1. by   eldernurse
    I have held it until it came out thick like jelly. I have been so dehydrated that I have been dizzy. I have been so hungry that I almost passed out.
    Now, I work in a place where the supervisor thinks that lunch, hydration and voiding are important for the NURSE as well as the patient. I absolutely love my job. It isn't perfect, but it was better than the last job. That supervisor would always say, "and why didn't you get to lunch?" as she accepted more and more, sicker and sicker patients, higher and higher nurse to patient ratios and pulled you into the office if you're charting wasn't perfect.
  2. by   Huganurse
    Cascadian: Don't you know it. I have almost peed my paints while a patient voids and I'm standing right there turning green because I have to pee so bad!
    I love the funny posts here! I knew this one would get a few laughs even though it is a very serious subject.
    When I was younger, I could hold it better, but now it's--- I feel the urge to go and there better be a bathroom nearby because here it comes! I know my bladder holds over 1000cc's too. I do see that some of us are better about taking care of ourselves than others and that is why I started this thread. I thought maybe we could all use a bit of encouragement to think about it and try harder to take care of ourselves. This includes: EAT, SLEEP, DRINK, AND REMEMBER: JUST GO PEE! I'll start working on something we can print out to remind us to do ourselves this favor and I will post the link as soon as I have time. Keep on posting!!
  3. by   Huganurse
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  4. by   Fgr8Out
    Originally posted by Huganurse
    OK, I made something that I can share with all of you. If anyone has any ideas on improving this, you can let me know.

    Here's the link: http://www.jethead.net/justgopee.html

    LOL!!!! Guess this means I have to get my printer up and running!!!!
  5. by   Stargazer
    Huganurse, that page is darling! And hilarious. I'm going to be forwarding it to every nurse I know. Nice work!
  6. by   petiteflower
    I loved the page. I printed it and I am going to take it to work and hang it in the nurse's report room
  7. by   Cascadians
    Huganurse, you get the Olympic Gold for your exhortations to Go For The Gold :kiss

    Great page!
  8. by   ChristenLPN
    It took me awhile, but I finally figured out a way around this. In the urgent care, we do every kind of procedure you can imagine, and finding time to go before a Dr grabs you is quite challenging. I just tell the pt before I start, "Pressure on my bladder is horribly distracting for me. Would you mind waiting a few minutes before I start this?" I have never had a pt with so little time or such a great need that she refused!
  9. by   Huganurse
    Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed it. I like the idea that something I made is being printed out and shared in hospitals and clinics all the way across the country and being enjoyed by nurses I've never met~~~too cool! Isn't this BB and the internet great!
  10. by   canoehead
    I've frequently gone on to "just this one last thing" for up to 4h before peeing. But it feels sooooo good when you finally go.

    As for meals the patient trays smell so good when you haven't eaten for hours. Sometimes I think I could polish off the entire tray in 3gulps but the patient is taking 30min (always a feeder). My philosophy is that if it is so busy and I am so hungry that the hospital OWES me that can of Ensure. I know- gross. But it does get you through. Too bad we end up in that position.

    Think about all the hospital professionals who can say they are too busy, or need to do a task the next day,etc. I think nursing is the only one that HAS to get it all done, busy or not.
  11. by   mother/babyRN
    Sooner or later those transitional epithelial cells just give out...It is not always a time management problem, but if you are in the middle of a csection, code or what have you, when the urge strikes, or in the middle of a bed bath or something similar, you can forget that you have to go..And, it doesn't happen all the time but it does happen, what ever the staffing or time management issues. Not supposed to use a patients bathroom, even if the room is unoccupied...Some facilities ( no bathroom pun intended), have bathrooms for staff located away from where the staff works. Can't really leave to go void if you are the only staff member who knows how to read the monitors, whether telemetry or efm...
    Hey, it happens often enough to be analyzed here...Has always happened and will continue to occur periodically with or without a nursing shortage....Have to pee!
  12. by   Curlytop
    Originally posted by kewlnurse
    I can't understand it when nurses say they don't have time to pee. I have never gone 15 minutes longer than when i have first felt the urge, whether it was on a med surge floor with 12 patients or the unit with 2 or 3 vented patients. More of a time management issue I suppose
    Just Go Pee is the correct title of this subject. I get so tired of nurses saying "i've been so busy I haven't even peed today!" PLLLLEEEAAASSSEEE-- It takes 3 minutes top to pee and wash your hands and I'm sure there are restrooms on your unit.
    ----AND it's absolutely disgusting to watch someone coming out of the bathroom as the toilet IS STILL FLUSHING!!!--- obviosly didn't wash their hands--- just plain NASTY!! I also always make time to go to lunch for 30 minutes, preferably off the unit to get away from the madness!
  13. by   Nurse_Bonita
    Hey Huganurse,

    Love the webpage! It is so true even though I am still a PCT and pre-nursing student. When you gotta run to ER to get patients b/c ER is jam packed and transport is off for the weekend, them potty breaks get few and far between.

    Oh and the thing about the med students using texas caths, I know a nursing student who was actually talking about doing the the next time he goes to the bar just so he doesn't have to get off his bar stool.