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Septic, vented, Swann-Ganz, Q1hr peak airway pressures, Q2hr blood sugars, Q6hr CBC/lytes/lactc acid/ABG's plus PRN labs making it more like q2-4hr labs, gastric tonometry with Q1hr PgCO2 readings... Read More

  1. by   fedupnurse
    The vast majority of the Agency staff I work with are former employees who left staff positions because they wanted part time and the suits said no. So they quit and went to work for the Agency "owned" by the hospital and most are making 15 bucks more an hour (most were new nurses). All but one, who was recently canned, have my utmost respect. I'd work with them anytime!
    Our managers are unfortunately a waste of good money. They sit in the office while we are drowning and don't help. All of the staff hate to be in charge but we all like it better when it is one of us in charge because we know we won't be left flapping in the wind.
    Good thing I love what I do!!!!
  2. by   traumaRUs
    What's the ER like in Canada? You guys are so very lucky. Used to be an ICU nurse, before coming to ER 6 yrs ago. Last night we had cardiac peds pt, very unstable, heroin OD dropped on the driveway (CPR started on driveway) and five traumas - all with four nurses!!!!
  3. by   Charles S. Smith, RN, MS
    Nope..not 1:1 unless very unstable..could even be a triple with 2 transfers or step down patients waiting for a bed... But...given your experience level, I question what resource you had to back you up, supervise you with unfamiliar skills, etc. Assignment may have been unreasonable for you and your comfort level which should be a component of the patient population assessment in your unit when your assignment was made.

  4. by   Jenny P
    That patient would have been 1:1 in my unit; our max assignment is 1:2. Everyone is saying "if stable"; I question how stable the pt. is when you are talking about sepsis, q2-4hr labs (including the glucs.) and even the Versed gtt.--- in other words; what is in the "etc, etc." she said AFTER the Versed gtt????
    IMHO, if you are doing labs and procedures q2-4hr, you must also be ADJUSTING whatever you are doing to that pt. according to those results; otherwise you are WASTING valuable time, energy and hospital resources by doing all of that stuff that often!

    We have our nursing association as our union and are very vocal about pt. safety in my hospital. Filling out a protest of assignment form usually gets results and staff fast for us.

    We've had travellers here this past year (unfortunately, they are all gone now!) and when 1 of our pt.s went into V. tach, the traveller ran to get the code cart (which was just about 15 ft. from the bedside) but we had the pt. defibbed and back in SR right away before she'd even moved the cart. The traveller said that "you guys just don't use the code cart as often as the other places I've been"; and when I asked her why; she said "you don't have as many codes!". On asking her why she thought this was true; she said "YOU HAVE MUCH BETTER STAFFING!" Amazing, isn't it?

    I'm a very firm believer in fixing problems before they start; how can you be watching for the beginning signs of problems when staffing is so bad? You know, the old saying "if it's lethal, it will come back?" If it's lethal, FIX IT BEFORE it comes back!

    Now you KNOW why I've been in my unit for 22 years! Out of about 80 of us, 33 have been there longer than 10 years!
  5. by   -jt
    <What's the ER like in Canada? You guys are so very lucky.>

    I doubt luck had anything to do with it. Nobody handed them anything. Those RNs stand united together and fought for everything they have. They recently fought the government & practically shut down healthcare in one of their provinces to get their pt safety/recruitment/retention issues addressed. Can you honestly see nurses in any one of our states being so committed to each other and doing that?? The difference between there & here is that they are not afraid to be a strong union, but here nurses say they "dont believe in the 'u' word."

    United you stand, divided you beg. Luck never enters the picture.
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  6. by   jefccu
    The few places that I have worked would have left that as a 2:1 with the second pt. an extremely low acuity pt. Never would be given first admit though.
  7. by   semstr
    This patient would most likely be a 1:1^, depends on the other patients though and whether his vitals etc. are stabil.

    A RN with < as 6 mo experience on ICU would never, ever, have to take this patient on her own!! She is under supervison for a year with her nurse-supervisor.

    Take care, Renee
    PS: same goes for PACU, OR etc.
  8. by   nilepoc
    not a one to one here, just tonight we had a

    post op whipple that received 6 units of blood, maxed out the dopa, 12 liters of crystal, and 6 FFP, over four hours. Emergently intubated, and rushed back to OR for a crit of 15. this patient stayed paired with another patient who is vented and required constant monitoring. this is why we have a charge without an assignment.
  9. by   JMP

    why are so many American RN's against unionized enviroments? I know that in the southern states it is almost a crime to even mention it?
    There must be a history behind it? But, I do not know what it is.

    Your are right however jt, our union is strong and we are united and support each other and NEVER would some of things I have been reading on this thread happen here.

    We have job security, decent wages, good benefits and we also have fairly high union dues. We are well respected and have safe assignments, esp in critical care settings. The other part is that your ability to pay for your healthcare does NOT enter into the picture. Our union dues are about 50 dollars a month. Is it worth it? Yes.
  10. by   fedupnurse
    Is unionization mandatory in Canada? Is every hospital unionized and if so is it the same union? I work in a unionized facility and while I think it is absolutely necessary, our suits laugh at our short staffing forms. We have no staffing language in our contract. American unions do not stand together as you do in Canada. Please share the secret of your success. Nurses in the USA could take over healthcare if we would just stick together!
  11. by   VAC
    Maybe not a 1:1, but absolutely NOT with an admission. Would have to be paired up with an extremely easy patient. We do have 1:1 patients at times in my STICU
  12. by   mattsmom81
    Jenny, I sure miss my union in Minnesota! Texas has been good to us in many ways but I am definitely a union nurse! I have been told many times to 'lose the yankee attitude' down here. (It doesn't stop me though...LOL!)

    Management has kept workers in the south fearful for generations...even mentioning the 'u' word brings on hints of 'attitude problems' in one's evaluations....

    We've tried to unionize in the Fort Worth area several times and we have failed to unite enough nurses to get it off the ground, and then those of us who dared to speak up have paid for the effort. Nurses down here as a group will not stick together, and turn on each other when it suits them. (not unusual, I know.)

    Our Texas Nurses Association is very anti-union so there is zero support there.
  13. by   Jenny P
    Mattsmom, I did meet some anti-union and also some not-quite-so-anti-union Texans at last years' ANA convention. People in Texas are very different from Minnesotans in some ways; but also very much alike in other ways. I wish we could always remember we are the patients' advocates; in my mind, that alone would make this pt. a 1:1 in ALL settings, both unionized and non-union. And "the suits" would pay and treat us better!
    I can dream, can't I? LOL!!!!