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It had been a good weekend, full of sunshine, relaxation, great food, and even better companionship, and I was still in a cheery mood when I walked through the door at work this morning. In fact, I... Read More

  1. by   WhereIsMyCallBell
    Whwn working LTC there are some patients (residents) for whatever reason are closer to our hearts than others. I agree with you Viva. The moment I "get used to it" is the day this profession isn't for me anymore. At times you pray with patients and loved ones when the end is in sight, at times you sit quietly and just "be" there, sometimes you just sit back and give loved ones space, as death is more private to some than it is to others and then there are those special times when our hearts truly ache, we embrace and cry with those family members and friends we have come to know. It seems our nurse's intuitive side knows what grieving loved ones need and unselfishly we give it. It is not something one ever "gets used to" because each death we encounter is as unique and deserving of respect as the individual themselves who are passing.
    Loved your beautiful post Viva and am so sorry for your loss, You restore my faith in the fact that there are still awsome, caring and worthwhile nurses who give a darn! Thank you *
  2. by   gonzo1
    I wish I worked for you.
  3. by   imintrouble
    I didn't see that my Dad was dying. I've always thought that it spoke to the kind of nurse I was. Maybe I wasn't smart enough to see the obvious. How could I not see the obvious?
    Thank you for that one line in your post that makes me like everybody else. I wasn't a nurse, I was a daughter. I didn't see because I loved him. Now I'M going to cry
  4. by   sapphire18
    With tears on my face, I thank you for writing this and sharing it with us. (((hugs))). I had a dying patient's sister ask me the other day if I ever get attached to my patients and I answered "yes, sometimes." She told me to never lose that compassion. I hope I never do.
  5. by   Sparrowhawk
    (((( hugs )))))
  6. by   VivaLasViejas
    And then there are days like today........I've got Corporate in the building auditing our charts, a resident in the hospital I have to go evaluate, and the second death in four days. Makes me wonder for the thousandth time what the fritz I signed on for. Watching a scared, sorrowful woman become a widow and then having to pronounce her husband dead is so incredibly sad that I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around it. Thanks, all, for your comments and support....this has been one TOUGH week.
  7. by   CheesePotato
    I hear you, ma'am.

    Is it a full moon? Is there something in the air?

    It's funny....I don't remember punching a dolphin in the face, so the karma police shouldn't be after me......

    And you don't seem the type to assault aquatic mammalian life....

    ::taps mat:: Just....uncle already!
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  9. by   noahsmama
    Beautifully written! And I don't think the part about looking for potential HIPAA violations to write up detracts from it at all. It's clear that this is part of your daily routine and that this work day started like any other, until you saw the stack of pill cards and the empty chart. I feel like these details help to put the reader in your shoes and see the story from your point of view. I wouldn't change a thing -- well done!