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Well, it's time again for JCAHO to come around and tell us what a bad job we do at saving lives and assisting the dying. I work two jobs and have to go through all their baloney more often than most... Read More

  1. by   zudy
    We are getting ready for JACHO. The newest thing: Did you ask the pt if they are having any problems with nutrition? Granted, that is important for some pts, but not every single pt!! And every time Iask an overwt pt that, they always say, "Do I LOOK like I have a problem with nutrition?"
  2. by   Nurse Ratched
    "Pain" is the problem du jour.....

    And they always crawl us about restraints. It's to the point that our bosses question every time we have to put someone in. Yes, when a patient goes ballistic at 3 am with a skeleton staff on, and meds are obviously not working, I WILL tie them down for the safety of staff and other patients. And if the doc who is supposed to come in and visualize the pt within an hour of said tie down doesn't like it, he/she can take it up with the regulatory body that created that rule.
  3. by   JustMe
    Our new restraint policy states if all 4 bedrails are up, that is a form of restraint and we need a Dr order. In our ICU, all 4 rails are always up--does that mean we have to get restraint orders on ALL our patients??? Admin hasn't responded to our inquiries. They better hurry--JCAHO's almost here!
  4. by   deespoohbear
    Cheri P- I think you do need a dr's order even if every pt's 4 rails are up according to the JCAHO gods. In our med/surg dept we have had pts REQUEST that all 4 rails up at night for their sense of security and safety and we still had to get a blasted order.

    This year is the pain thing. We had JCAHO last Aug and yeah we got a new flow sheet after they were through. I think now the big push will be the HIPPA and privacy laws. It is always something. Do you know how much money the hospitals pay these clowns to come and tell us how lousy we are? The staff could all have a nice raise if the money wasn't going to pad some healthcare managers pockets who have no idea what it is like in the real world. Maybe if these clowns would have to come and work under their own rules and regs for about 6 months maybe they would have a different prospective on things. That should be mandatory to be a JCAHO employee!! They should be required to work AT THE BEDSIDE for 3 months a year before passing judgement. Just my .02.
  5. by   Nurse Ratched
    Originally posted by CheriP.
    Our new restraint policy states if all 4 bedrails are up, that is a form of restraint and we need a Dr order. In our ICU, all 4 rails are always up--does that mean we have to get restraint orders on ALL our patients???
    Yes. HOWEVER, 3 side rails and a strategically placed large sturdy chair do NOT equal a restraint .
  6. by   teeituptom
    Howdy yall
    from deep in the heat of texas

    we just went thru it. This time it was restraints, concious sedation, pain control, we have 4 different pain scales that we use, and several LOC scales too.
    Plus they came out on night shift and watched triage and how confidentiality was handled. And asked people on nights who various suits on dayshift were as if we really ever get to see or know them.

    Doo wah ditty
  7. by   JustMe
    Confidentiality is a good point--do these inspectors sign a confidentiality statement, like we have to, before they review charts?? I remember when some of our students nurses were approached by BRN inspectors for the college. The inspectors asked the students to tell them about their patients and the students refused based on confidentiality. The inspectors were indignant, but the faculty was very proud of their convictions.
  8. by   nell
    Originally posted by traumarns
    ...what is it this year, something really stupid like
    date and time ett is retaped ON THE TAPE...
    I wouldn't put it past them! And I can just see this being universally applied without any common sense. Imagine how small the tape is on a 2.0 ETT in a premie!
  9. by   traumarns
    lmao, great replies

    glad to know WE who work at the bedside think so highly of the people who accredidate our hospitals.

    our inspection is the end of the month. will update you all on what new paperwork we have.
  10. by   NRSKarenRN
    Found JCAHO update at Alaska Nurses association:

    JCAHO Update - June 2002
  11. by   sjoe
    JCAHO exists to serve the health care facilities, just as 1.800-DENTIST exists to serve the particular dentists who pay it a fee to recommend THEM. These are both just professional organizations which attempt to create an "in group" of their members who are willing to pay them to join and to be "screened" by them, in exchange for promotional work and the opportunity to claim "special status." Think "country club."

    (disclaimer: I am not employed by, own no stock in, and do not profit from 1.800-DENTIST, nor from any of the dentists who pay them. Nor am I a member of any country club.)
  12. by   sparrow
    I love all the comments about JCAHO!!! As long as we let them, they will keep charging us to tell us how crappy we do things. I love how a facility is at the mercy of the surveyor - who has often not worked at the bedside (if a nurse) in 20-25 years!!! They all have their different foci - one may be a nut about restraints and another about expiration dates on surgical packs, or something else equally dumb - but none of them look at the BIG picture: does the patient go home better than when they came in??? Did they get better??? Did they get any TLC - or just poked and prodded and made miserable by everything we did to them? DID THE PATIENT FEEL AS IF THEY WERE CARED FOR??? Isn't that what it's all about? What was the patient's perception of their care? MIght be a lot different if JCAHO wasn't making new, and more stupid rules every year!

    I always want to tell them: just tell me what you want and how you want me to ge there. Don't tell me what you want and when I get there criticize the way I arrived!!! JCAHO wants little cookie cutter hospitals, so they may as well just put out a manual for us to follow. They would be happy and it would be a sight easier for us!