I've gotta real problem...Any suggestions Pls?

  1. i've got this problem... you know how everyone has their little quirk in nursing? well, mine is vomiting...i can't stand the retching, and retching and retching sound before one vomits. well i have this resident who does nothing but vomit. possible hiv, but refuses to test. he's lost significant amt of wt. and says he's been doing this for over a month. he just came to us on wednesday. i worked with him on wed. night for thurs, and then i had three days off. tonight i have to go back and i dred every stinking minute of it. i have to practically carry a basin with me whenever i hear him start retching. i can't stand it! does anyone have any suggestions on how i'm supposed to over come this??? i just don't know what to do. :stone :stone :stone :imbar :stone :stone :stone
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  3. by   nursedawn67
    eeeeeewwwwwwwwww! I wish I could help you...I guess just try not to think about it!!! (I know easier said then done)
  4. by   ageless
    years ago, a guy in my nursing clinicals use to put mentholadeum (spelling?) under his nose for a distraction..he said it worked for him.
  5. by   Marianne518
    I always keep alcohol pads in my pocket....and when someone starts to vomit I pull one out, turn my head the other way, and swipe under my nose. It has worked three times for me in the past two semesters, so maybe it will work for you too.

    Good luck.
  6. by   CEN35
    ok mich,

    how about an order for ohhh sayyyyy??? phenergan, compazine, tigan, reglan, anzamet or zofran???????

    just a thought?


  7. by   shay
    Yeah man, Z-O-F-R-A-N.....

    I get puked on so much (OB) that I don't even blink. I guess I'm just desensitzed. *shrug*

    Try putting some carmex lip balm on right before you go in....or something like that.
  8. by   mother/babyRN
    I also work in OB and its getting so I can actually identify the contents of the last meal. I still have the occasional retch, but try to turn my head or be out of the patients view if it happens..Sometimes, since I always carry one of those amonia popper things in my pocket for the patients or visitors (or myself from lack of food who might faint, I will try one of those.
    My personal hatred is taking care of false teeth, not that I see that too often anymore...But, I wouldn't touch them when a patient handed them to me, and absolutely hated it when some one asked me to clean them! Have to say my least favorite thing is coughing and mucous..Suctioning was never a favorite thing of mine..However, I MUST be a nurse....Blood doesn't bother me...Weird, huh? Vicks vapor rub works wonders, by the way, under your nose if you know you are in for a vomiting episode-yours or someone elses....
  9. by   sharann
    What if you wore a surgical mask (keep one in a pocket or near their room) ? When wearing a mask you are both protecting your own airway for airborne "splatters", but you may find it masks the smell. And if you do vomit, at least you have a handy place to catch it, ha ha, sorry...
  10. by   micro
    have no answers.......as 99% of body fluids sight, sound and smell do not affect me.........
    cast iron stomach.........
    but maybe time will help you.........plus.........
    there are times that you can't stomach.......just step into the patient bathroom for a brief moment......breathe in deeply and say I am getting paid to do this.......better my side of the rail than theirs.........
    know not much help.........don't throw too many tomatoes my direction.......
    think time will help.........
  11. by   P_RN
    Medical examiners swear by Vicks Vaporub beneath the nose.

    But your poor patient certainly needs something for the vomiting too.
  12. by   PCT_Nat
    It may sound strange, but i kept orange or lemon peels in my pockets and i ether bent them to release the oils and sniffed it or nibbled on it and it kept me from being overwhelemed.
    I worked with a few patients who had abdominal abscess and there was a mess on the floor quite often.
  13. by   MHN
    Night owl,have you had the rabbit killed if this problem of yours is not long standing (pregnancy is on the cards)
    or if not viable option try try chewing ginger
  14. by   night owl
    i was really lucky because he didn't vomit at all my shift. over my days off nurses that took care of him seem to think that his vomiting is self induced. :stone the only thing he did do the entire shift was was call me to his room to say he needed a medical dr. because he has "lice bugs crawling all over him." i said where, let me see. of course i didn't see anything so i told him i'll be right back and came back with a bottle of "anti lice bug lotion" and told hin that this should do the trick. all it was was moisturizing lotion, but after i rubbed it all over him, he slept like a baby. i saved his meds for last incase he was going to do the retching thing. the other wonderful nurse i was working with asked if i needed a hand and i told her that i would love her to death if she gave mr. so-n-so his meds she did and i didn't stick around to listen for anything and i was out of there to give report. he does have an im compazine order for n&v. i was lucky last night, but one never knows what tonight will bring maybe just a pair of earplugs if he starts it again. :d thanks for all of the great suggestions! one night i'll walk into his room with vicks vaporub under my nose, along with mentholadeum, an alcohol wipe stuck to that, a surgical mask, some carmex lip balm all over my lips, earplugs in my ears and a syringe of compazine in my hand and i'll be ready to "fight the fight!" oh, the joys of nursing.......thanks guys, you're the greatest! :kiss