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Soooo...I worked Thanksgiving and Christmas last year. I have both off this year:p Our ER has tried really hard to be fair in who works what. Usually the newest staff work Christmas. That means... Read More

  1. by   mercyteapot
    Quote from multicollinarity
    After the Thanksgiving from hell with my relatives - I look forward to saying "sorry I have to work at the hospital on that holiday. Duty calls." My family is so nuts I'd rather work, and I can't wait to use this excuse.

    The first year I was dating my husband, we went to his Dad's for Christmas. It was the most miserable holiday I'd ever spent (and bear in mind that my own father's drinking almost universally ruined Christmas Eve when I was growing up, so saying it was the worst is really saying something about how bad it was). The next year, I refused to go. My husband fretted about upsetting his Dad, but I said ''oh well, I've gotta work. You do what you need to do'', and he knew I was really saying ''I'll be upset if you don't stay here and spend what part of the day that you can with me''.

    That year, his sister-in-law said to me that she wished she had the nerve to tell fil that they were staying home. I told her life is short and that atmosphere was spoiling the day for her kids. The next year, they stayed home, too. The year after that, my fil didn't host Christmas. He didn't enjoy it and the stress of the day, plus my obnoxious bil and his steadfast refusal to rein in his 4 kids made it feel like being in a powder keg, not celebrating a holiday. No thank you...
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    at my place we can sign up for 4 hour shifts on holidays so everyone gets to enjoy most of the day with their families. sometimes people volunteer to work the whole shift.