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Soooo...I worked Thanksgiving and Christmas last year. I have both off this year:p Our ER has tried really hard to be fair in who works what. Usually the newest staff work Christmas. That means... Read More

  1. by   RGN1
    This year I have to work New Year & next year it would be Xmas. They alternate at our place. Most places I have worked before gave you the choice & I always chose New Year but here they are adamant that you alternate - seems daft because we could easily work it our between us but there you go!

    However, next year I should be in FL (immigration & retrogression pending) so I have no idea where or when I'll be working but as someone from the UK I'll happily work any US holiday to trade off for Xmas day. At least until the kids are older!
  2. by   twotrees2
    Quote from Shaddimere
    I am working Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, but had them both off last is unfortunately a fact of nursing life. Fortunately my co workers are wonderful, we are all like extended family, and since I work in NICU, there will be babies and families and presents, and FOOD! I have been a nurse for 29 years and have definitely worked my share of holidays. It is offensive to me that people with little kids think they have the "right" to have Christmas off...are our families less important because our children are grown? I have a four year old grandson now, but when Nana works Christmas, we celebrate with him on a different day. One of my dearest friends has 3 children and point blank refuses to work on Christmas day because her kids are young. She has even told her director she will resign if she has to work on, she always has it off. This year I think the only day she has to work that is considered holiday time in our organization is New Year's Eve. Is that fair? I think if you choose this profession you accept what comes with it. The only exception I would make while we are at war, is that I truly believe anyone who is fortunate to have a loved one home from the front lines for the holidays should have everything off! I would work extra for any co worker who was fortunate enough to have a husband, wife, son, daughter, or brother or sister home from Iraq for the holidays. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
    i would too - having had 4 yrs of no holidays with my marine son who went to iraq 3 times in the 4 yrs - i would work for anyone who was blessed wnough to get themn home then or any time of yr ( this last summer worked a whole week - which i usually work 2 days a week) for a friend when her daughter was allowed a trip home for a bit. thank you for helping the families out - they too serve our contry in thier losses of family time. i am blessed my son is finally out ( until / unless they call him back) so this will be first holidays home and im excited ( except he is hunting thanksgiving and with my ex i will get him xmas eve themost important day for our family here so im happy)
  3. by   jrbl77
    i have been a staff nurse in a hospital for the past 29 yrs and have worked every other holiday for all those years. when my kids were little i told them that i had a direct line to santa and he would come when mom was off. it never was a problem. my mom has always made sure that the larger family celdbrations were scheduled for when i was available. as the time has passed my husband now works in a hospital and he has to work scheduled shifts wheter it is a holday or not. it just adds to the hectic holiday. i am now working fora hospice organization and will have to be on call for holidays. since i am a new employee i will not be on call this year for either thanksgiving or christmas. this will be the first time in 30 years that i will be off 3 days at christmas. happy holidays to all.
  4. by   schoona
    This year I was initially rostered N/D 25th,26th and 27th. No real biggy. However, one of my collegues ( a part timer ) was allocated 24th N/D and 28thN/D. She also had a bit of a hissy (though not as dramatic as the first) so now i'm doing 24th, 26th and 27th because her celebrations are on christmas eve.
    The roster for that period ceases on the 29th and I was asked to do the 30/12 to 26/1 (I think I might just have to have New Year off!!!!!!!!)
    Any way a happy and safe festive season to all!!!:hatparty:
  5. by   Christie RN2006
    Quote from CoopergrrlRN
    I don't really mind working the holiday. But what burns me is that I am a straight evening shift and they put me on days for Christmas. So I am going in at 7a. To me, its wrong and they should put day people on the day shifts. But I am new, and since I have to work the 22, 23, 25 and 26 (two twelves and eight and a four but not in that order) then next year better be an improvement.
    Someone mentioned Christmas bonus for working on Christmas! What's that? J/K. We only get the regular holiday pay (time and a half). Hopefully they will feed us or something.
    I don't even get holiday pay for working Christmas day, just regular pay
  6. by   jenrninmi
    I'm not working any holidays this holiday season. I'm on orientation until January 16th and the hospital where I work does not schedule newbies on holidays. I'm THRILLED about this! Yeaa!
  7. by   jenrninmi
    Quote from Christie RN2006
    I don't even get holiday pay for working Christmas day, just regular pay
    Why not??
  8. by   RN4NICU
    Quote from jenrninmi
    Why not??
    Some hospitals just don't offer it.
  9. by   Nurse_Diane
    Quote from solidaritynurse
    OK, as a mother of an 8,6 and 4 year old, I would just like to say I can't stand the "but I have little kids" tantrum. I would never be so obnoxious as to think someone without children does not deserve to enjoy the holiday as much as I do.
    Thank you for saying that!!!!! I do not have children (by choice), and it's refreshing to read your post!
  10. by   dazey71
    On holidays, if it is your regular day to work, you work it. We're lucky that we have a lot of people on our floor that actually like working the holidays ($$)
  11. by   Christie RN2006
    Quote from RN4NICU
    Some hospitals just don't offer it.
    At my hospital in order to get bonus pay for working holidays, you have to cash in your PTO time, but I can't do that because #1 I don't have enough time saved up and #2 I am still in my orientation period, so my benefits are still frozen
  12. by   jennyfyre
    I'm not a nurse, but have worked as a Health Unit Coordinator on a pediatric unit for the last 10 years. Our nurses usually work every other holiday, and even though we are a small unit (18 total beds) there never seems to be a problem with working it out among themselves if people want someone to trade with them. All this talk did remind me of a funny story! When my youngest daughter was in about 3rd grade (she's 17 now) she had to write a paper on her family's holiday traditions. Her teacher was saddened to find out that apparently our only family holiday tradition is that Mom works and Dad orders pizza!!!
  13. by   Multicollinearity
    After the Thanksgiving from hell with my relatives - I look forward to saying "sorry I have to work at the hospital on that holiday. Duty calls." My family is so nuts I'd rather work, and I can't wait to use this excuse.