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I have to have surgery soon (not in my facility but an affiliated one ). I feel like posting a sign above my bed that asks "Have you washed your hands?" or "Wash your hands, please". It has... Read More

  1. by   MollyJ
    It's a sad comment when a nurse (and you aren't alone) doesn't feel confident about getting good basic care in a hospital.
  2. by   James Huffman
    Post the sign. Or something close to it.

    Yes, some will be offended. And you will have a bad reputation as a patient. So what? We all know nurses who do not wash. And I won't even talk about our colleagues among the physicians. (When in nursing school, I worked as a CNA. The assistant head nurse on our unit said she had it as her goal in life to get Dr. [Blank] to wash her hands. I think the goal went unmet).

    Depending on the type of surgery, I would encourage you to have someone with you (family or friend) who can watch for you. Not just about handwashing (although that's very important) but to ask about meds and other treatments.

    You are the boss in this situation. You are paying the salaries of those treating you. You have the right to insist on certain standards. You can be pleasant, courteous, and funny, but you still need to assert what it is you want. And don't back down.

    Jim Huffman, RN
  3. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by shavsha
    i have to have surgery soon (not in my facility but an affiliated one
    ). i feel like posting a sign above my bed that asks "have you washed your hands?" or "wash your hands, please". it has nothing personal with the facility...i'm just afraid of mrsa (and other bugs) in general. would this just be too rude?
    i pray all goes well for you, shavsha.
  4. by   nursecheryl
    Anyone who would be offended by the sign just might be the type to forget to wash their hands or use the antiseptic gel. By the way, I love the idea about the poll and the antiseptic gel.
  5. by   Teshiee
    Who cares about being rude this is your health we are talking about. First of all we were trained to wash are hands before and after patient contact. I had to take care of a man with a large gaping wound and I talked to him and stressed that when the nurse is caring for your wound he /she is to use sterile gloves in the process if they are not don't let them proceed. Hurt feelings of the few do not outweight the large hurt of the many who end up with an infection that could have been preventable.
  6. by   GPatty
    I vote for the gel by the bedside!
  7. by   SeptSue
    We were taught that it is our responsibility as nurses to wash our hands. I accept this responsibility and hope that others would not be offended by your request that they do so - by a sign (maybe use gentle colours in the words) , a note, a verbal request, or the handy soap.
  8. by   Paris
    I would agree with just politely asking them if they have washed their hands. They shouldn't take it personal you're just looking out for your best interest.
  9. by   Texagain
    Just request hands to be washed a few times and they will get the message and pass it along in report. I am very good about hand washing, but many on my unit are not. Good luck with your surgery.
  10. by   ER hippie
    Just a quick thought about washing hands at work stations.... If you have to touch ANYTHING else along your way, like a doorknob, or lightswitch, your washing was in vain and you should definetly do it again. Doorknobs, imo, are the worst, because you know that even though you wash, not everyone does, so just imagine whats on there. Its really better to do so in the pt's room, and your pt might find it reassuring. Also, those little trial size bottles of gel are terrific! I keep one in my pocket at all times!
  11. by   hapeewendy
    we have the signs at work, they dont bother me one bit, in fact I hardly notice them....
    I dont find them rude
    probably becuase I'm such a germ fanatic that I wash my hands all the freakin time and therefore wouldnt be offended by a sign reminding those who dont wash their hands to kindly do so......
    we have the signs in the patients bathrooms too , and you wouldnt believe the amount of people who do not wash their hands without being prompted to do so after going to the washroom!!!!!
    the only people I would find being offended or upset by this at my place of employment would be the people who really dont wash their hands as they should
    so yay to the signs, posters , billboards etc
    (just kidding there)
    our signs are non offensive with cute little germ type creatures on them, hard to be mad at a cute cartoon germ innit?
    I also vote for the gels at the bedside or in the room etc, what a great idea!
    my germophobe senses are tingling!!!!!! weeeee
  12. by   nimbex
    thanks for the reminder, although sinks in the room, I wash in the hall before entering... don't know why... habit I developed, once in the room, I'm tempted to start cleaning and picking up and organizing.... so handwashing is done before I entered.

    Never thought that a patient might consider my hands not washed because they didn't see it...

    Thanks for the reminder... It'll change my practice... wish you a speedy recovery.
  13. by   tiredernurse
    No I don't think this is rude. It is unfortunately quite neccessary. In fact I have read several articles lately (not medicine related) that people NEED to advise their health care workers to wash their hands. Just the other day I had to ask a doctor to wash his hands after examining a patients draining wounds. Oh - and he examined the patient without gloves. I don't think I would bother with a sign though, I don't find many people pay attention to them.